Ignite 2018 – Windows Admin Center Session Recordings

To be fair, most of the Windows Server sessions during Ignite 2018 did include Windows Admin Center content, but these are the ones that focused heavily on it. You will also find it covered in the sessions I included in yesterday's post. In these videos you'll see an overview of Windows Admin Center, as well as how it works with Server Core and Azure Networking to simplify administration tasks.

Windows Server management reimagined with Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center (formerly Project “Honolulu”) represents a new era in the remote management of Windows Server and Windows PCs. It is generally available, and has enjoyed extremely positive reception and fast adoption from the IT pro community. Come learn how Windows Admin Center was designed for you, with your input, to address your graphical management needs. Through customer stories and partner investments, we show how Windows Admin Center continues to grow in functionality and value, and how this reimagined experience and ecosystem will benefit you.

Enhance your Windows Admin Center capabilities with partner extensions

Windows Admin Center provides a rich web experience for Windows Server administrators, but it can go beyond the initial deployment when you add the available partner extensions to it! Come and see how Windows Admin Center can be even better with a partner extension!

The Perfect Match: Windows Admin Center & Server Core

In this session, learn how Visa, an industry leader in payments, was able to decrease its security vulnerability footprint by 30–40% by adopting the Server Core installation option in Windows Server. Come to hear tips on how to introduce Server Core into your environment and break down barriers to adoption.

Establishing hybrid connectivity with Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft Azure

Windows Server 2019 has the most advanced networking capabilities ever shipped in a Windows operating system. See how we’re using Windows Admin Center to make Windows Server 2019 the easiest OS to connect to your Azure virtual network. In this session we  also cover advancements in the data plane, transports, security (802.1x), container networking, and time accuracy.

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