Ignite 2018 – Windows Admin Center Sessions

Ignite 2018 is just over two weeks away (aka a fortnight for some of us), and I thought I promote a few more sessions that are either Windows Admin Center focused, as well as some that should feature it even if it's not explicitly mentioned in the session description. Windows Admin Center will become an important part of the Windows Server admin's toolkit, and you can download it now if you want to try it with your existing Windows Server environment.

Windows Admin Center is designed for managing a single server or cluster. It complements but does not replace existing Microsoft monitoring and management solutions, such as Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT), System Center, Intune, or Azure Stack. Last week it was announced that Windows Server 2019 Essentials will be losing the Essentials functionality, with Windows Admin Center replacing some of it's capabilities, so it's worth checking out what is and isn't going to available if you work with SMB customers.

WRK3001 - Getting started with Windows Admin Center and hybrid scenarios

Windows Admin Center (formerly Project “Honolulu”) is the future of the Windows Server management interface. In this session, learn how to get started with Windows Admin Center, its deployment options, architecture, and also how to leverage Azure services on premises for backup, disaster recovery, and more.

BRK2037 - Windows Server management reimagined with Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center (formerly Project “Honolulu”) represents a new era in the remote management of Windows Server and Windows PCs. It is generally available, and has enjoyed extremely positive reception and fast adoption from the IT pro community. Come learn how Windows Admin Center was designed for you, with your input, to address your graphical management needs. Through customer stories and partner investments, we show how Windows Admin Center continues to grow in functionality and value, and how this reimagined experience and ecosystem will benefit you.

BRK2036 - From Hyper-V to hyper-converged infrastructure with Windows Admin Center

Discover how Windows Admin Center (Formerly Project "Honolulu") makes it easier than ever to manage and monitor Hyper-V. It’s quick to deploy, there’s no additional license, and it’s built from years of feedback – this is YOUR new dashboard! Ready to go hyper-converged? New features like Storage Spaces Direct and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) are built right in, so you get an integrated, seamless experience ready for the future of the software-defined datacenter.

THR2220 - The Perfect Match: Windows Admin Center & Server Core

In this session, learn how Visa, an industry leader in payments, was able to decrease its security vulnerability footprint by 30–40% by adopting the Server Core installation option in Windows Server. Come to hear tips on how to introduce Server Core into your environment and break down barriers to adoption.

BRK3056 - Retire your old file servers with Storage Migration Service in Windows Server 2019

Support for Windows Server 2008 ends in 15 months and Windows Server 2012 mainstream support ends in two weeks; what are you going to do about it? Windows Server 2019 introduces the new Storage Migration Service feature to help your organization seamlessly move off of legacy servers onto new targets on-premises and in Azure, without impacting your users, network, or security settings. Learn how to deploy the Storage Migration Service, its integration with Azure File Sync and Azure Migrate, and its future roadmap for NFS, SAN, NAS, and block. Then watch Ned migrate a legacy Windows Server to Windows Server 2019 in under five minutes while using the new Windows Admin Center management system!

BRK2235 - Windows Server 2019 System Insights: Simplified ML for the intelligent edge

System Insights is a new feature and platform in Windows Server 2019, which introduces native predictive analytics capabilities to Windows Server. These predictive capabilities locally analyze Windows Server system data, helping you proactively detect and address problematic behavior in your deployments. In this session, learn how to manage these predictive capabilities, visualize prediction outputs using Windows Admin Center, create remediation actions, and even write your own capabilities to analyze system data.

THR3138 - Storage Spaces Direct + Windows Server 2019 + Windows Admin Center: Experience the power of Performance history

Performance history is a new feature that gives Storage Spaces Direct administrators easy access to historical compute, memory, network, and storage measurements across host servers, drives, volumes, virtual machines, and more. In this session, see how you can access this Performance history data and how you can use Windows Admin Center to visualize it.

BRK3216 - Establishing hybrid connectivity with Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft Azure

Windows Server 2019 has the most advanced networking capabilities ever shipped in a Windows operating system. See how we’re using Windows Admin Center to make Windows Server 2019 the easiest OS to connect to your Azure virtual network. In this session we  also cover advancements in the data plane, transports, security (802.1x), container networking, and time accuracy.

BRK3215 - Modernize your datacenter with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in Windows Server 2019

In Windows Server 2019, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is faster, more powerful, and simpler to use than ever before with SDN Express for deployment and Windows Admin Center for day-to-day management. Use SDN to harden your network and avoid being the next victim of a malicious person or hacking group. Gain flexibility with virtual appliances from Microsoft and third parties and benefit from rich analysis and visibility into traffic that routes through your network. This packed, technical session shows you how to get started and covers everything new for SDN in Windows Server 2019.

BRK3060 - Backup your data with Microsoft Azure Backup

Organizational data is susceptible to corruption, accidental deletion and ransomware. In this session, you will discover how Azure can securely backup and restore your data across multiple workloads running in the cloud as well as on-premises. Come join this jam-packed demo session and witness how Azure Backup significantly reduces complexity and cost through a zero-infrastructure solution for backing up resources. You will learn Azure Backup's native support of Windows Admin Center, Azure Files, Azure VMs, as well as SQL running in Azure VMs.

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