Register for the Microsoft Build 2018 Digital Experience

Join Microsoft for its premier development conference in Seattle May 7-9. Discover how new features and developments will help you engage your end users, keep information safe, and reach them in more places. You can purchase a pass to attend in person in Seattle or RSVP for Build Live, the free digital experience.

At Build, you’ll learn how to :

  • Keep users engaged with your applications by incrementally integrating new features into your existing applications without having to rebuild from scratch.
  • Modernize your software and leverage safe, secure features by default, creating smarter applications and freeing both you and your end users to get more done.
  • Extend the reach of your applications across devices and ecosystems by taking advantage of Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge.

Purchase a pass to attend Build in person in Seattle or sign up to join virtually, now!



Featured sessions

Here's a sample of the sessions, as more that are device focused become available I'll call them out.

Designing a massive, global datacenter hardware and software architecture

Feed your imagination with a tour of the datacenter architecture and implementation that runs Microsoft Azure. Azure covers more than 150 datacenters in 40 announced regions, and it’s growing fast. It delivers the promise of cloud computing—including high availability, extreme performance, and security—by custom designing software and hardware to work best together. You’ll come away with insight on reliable clean-energy datacenter designs, using FPGAs to accelerate networking and machine learning, designing storage servers to deliver ultralow latency and high throughput, and more.

Streamlining DevOps with containers

By the very nature of the containers and Docker technology, developers can share their software and dependencies easily with IT operations and production environments while eliminating the typical "it works on my machine" excuse. Containers solve application conflicts between different environments. Indirectly, containers and Docker bring developers and IT operations closer together, making it easier for them to collaborate effectively. Containers simplify the build/test/deploy pipelines in DevOps. In this session, we will describe how adopting the container workflow provides many customers with the DevOps continuity they've sought but previously had to implement via more complex configuration for release and build pipelines.

Building the future of IoT apps

Microsoft offers a comprehensive set of platforms, cloud services, and solutions for building Internet of Things applications. In this session, you’ll learn what’s available today, what’s coming soon, and what Microsoft’s vision is for the IoT of tomorrow.

Working with Fluent Design: the evolution of our design system
This session showcases some of the new controls, patterns, and features that make it easy to enhance your app with Fluent Design. Learn about the next wave of design patterns, visuals, and interactions, and see how Fluent Design is being extended across more Windows 10 devices and apps to create beautiful, engaging, and intuitive experiences.

Building cloud-connected mobile apps using Visual Studio, Xamarin, and Azure

Visual Studio and Xamarin enable developers to craft native experiences across every platform, including Android, iOS, and wearables. Developers need rich APIs and a powerful cloud to deliver these apps for every scenario, and that’s where Azure can help. In this session, we’ll show you how to connect powerful Azure services to your C# apps, including Azure AD B2C, Azure Functions, Cognitive Services, and Cosmos DB.

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