Download the Truly consistent hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure whitepaper

If you are planning on integrating and extending your on-premises infrastructure with Azure, download the Truly consistent hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure whitepaper. What does it cover?

It focuses on the following four pillars...

  • Common Identity
    • When users access applications, they shouldn’t need to worry about whether those applications are running on-premises or in the cloud. Providing consistent identity is a core part of achieving this, which is why Microsoft created Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This cloud service offers secure single signon, automated provisioning of new users, and more.
  • Integrated Management and Security
    • Using a hybrid cloud can broaden your options for delivering IT services to the organization. But there’s no getting around the fact that hybrid clouds bring new hurdles for management and security.
  • Consistent Data Platform
    • What’s the best approach for working with data in a hybrid cloud? There’s no single answer that’s right for every organization, but one thing is clear: you’ll have important information both in the cloud and on-premises. Given this, it makes sense to have a common approach to working with data in both places.

  • Unified Development and DevOps
    • One of the biggest challenges in using the cloud is that the cloud development platform differs from traditional on-premises platforms. Some things are the same, of course—both environments offer virtual machines running Windows Server and Linux—but others are quite distinct.

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