Ignite 2017 – Microsoft 365 Sessions

It’s almost that time of year, Microsoft’s Ignite event takes place in September, and here are a few of the sessions that focus on Microsoft 365 to help give you an idea of which ones you might want to consider attending, or alternatively, and more likely for the majority, watch online after the fact. I may be a little biased in my first selection, but I think it should be very interesting.

Windows 10 management with Microsoft 365 Business

In this session, learn what Microsoft 365 Business brings to Windows users and devices, getting a deeper understanding of how Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune work together to enable upgrade and management scenarios.

Simplify the management of your Microsoft 365 workplace with analytics

As commercial customers transition to M365 and the modern workplace traditional IT processes will need to change to a more data driven approach to managing IT. Come and learn about some of the most powerful enterprise analytics services developed by Microsoft to manage your Windows and Office environments through updates, servicing and device health.

Microsoft 365 Business under the hood: Technical discussion of this new integrated SMB solution

Join engineering leaders from Office, Active Directory and Intune teams for a technical discussion on the security and identity features delivered through Microsoft 365 Business. We discuss how this integrated solution can help small and midsize businesses increase productivity, using real customer scenarios and the partners who have engaged in these deployments. We examine the identity migration and app considerations, review the security features included in this solution, and discuss best practices to

Microsoft 365: Unlock creativity and empower teamwork in the modern workplace

Provide digital tools that enable people in your organization to do their best work. Learn about the latest innovations in Microsoft Office 365, including SharePoint, Teams, Visio, Yammer, and more. Corporate Vice Presidents Ron Markezich and Jeff Teper give you an inside look at the latest collaboration tools and use cases, a peek around the corner at what's coming soon, exciting demos, and what other customers are doing to bring creativity and teamwork to life in the modern workplace.

Microsoft 365: Modern management and deployment

IT is on a quest to deliver to businesses and users the promise of modern management and deployment. But this journey can feel daunting. Where do we start? What's the best way to get there? How do we capture the benefits while minimizing risks and costs? Come learn how the Microsoft 365 powered device creates a new path to modern IT. By bringing together the best of Windows 10, Office 365, and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, you can transform your business at your own pace and deliver what you've been looking for a modern, cloud-powered platform with advanced security intelligence and more productive experiences loved by users and trusted by IT.

Microsoft 365: Transform your communications with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

The modern workplace is here. Rapid, dynamic communications and collaboration are the heartbeat of today's organizations but are too often disconnected. Join Lori Wright, General Manager of Microsoft Teams and Skype, as she unveils exciting news for the future of unified communications in Microsoft 365. In this deep-dive session, Lori and Corporate Vice President Bob Davis discuss the latest innovations and how they deliver a new landscape for communications. This action-packed session features live demos and discussions with global thought-leaders to help you realize business value faster. The modern workplace is here. Are you ready?

Microsoft 365 and the firstline workforce

In this session we talk in more depth about the firstline workforce and the opportunity we have to empower this category of the workforce with capabilities across Microsoft 365.

Four critical factors to driving Microsoft 365 adoption

As an IT professional, you’re tasked with getting full value from your organization's technology investments—ensuring staff across your organization adopt the solutions you provide and take full advantage of them. In this session, we discuss best practices and lessons-learned for realizing sustainable Microsoft 365 user adoption.

Microsoft 365: Step up your protection with intelligent security

As you transform your business, the IT surface area you are responsible for protecting continually shifts. Meanwhile, attackers are innovating and stepping up their techniques. Join Julia White, Vice President responsible for security, to see how Microsoft is helping you address these challenges with new, intelligent security tools. See how Microsoft solutions can help you step up your identity and access management, threat protection, information protection, and security management.

The Best Solution for First line Workers: Windows 10 S devices and Microsoft 365

In this session we provide an overview of Windows 10 S. Streamlined for security and performance, Windows 10 S is coming this year across a range of great new devices from our OEM partners. We showcase the range of Windows 10 S devices and explore some of the use case scenarios in commercial customers where it provides great value.

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