Ignite 2017 – Windows Server 2016 Storage Focused Sessions

It's almost that time of year, Microsoft's Ignite event takes place in September, and here are a few of the sessions that focus on Windows Server 2016 storage to help give you an idea of which ones you might want to consider attending, or alternatively, and more likely for the majority, watch online after the fact.

Storage Spaces Direct: Be an IT hero with software-defined storage!

With the wave of virtualization you radically reduced compute costs and became a hero in your company. The next wave with software-defined storage will enable you to radically reduce storage costs and be an IT hero once again! Storage Spaces Direct is at the heart of the hottest trend in the industry with hyper-converged private clouds. This session gives an overview of the new Storage Spaces Direct feature in Windows Server 2016 and beyond, and discusses scenarios where it can be used with hyper-converged, scale-out file servers, SQL Server, and more. It also discusses design considerations as you look to build a Storage Spaces Direct solution. You'll be able to reduce costs and improve performance, does it get any better?!

Storage Replica: Save your job with Windows Server 2016

Storage Replica brought democracy to the world of datacenter block replication in Windows Server 2016. Now come see what we’ve added in the first release of the semi-annual Channel releases. In this session we cover what’s new in Storage Replica, plus operational and troubleshooting best practice guidance we’ve learned after a year of deployments to thousands of customers worldwide. Come learn how Storage Replica can save your data, your business, and your career from disasters.

What’s new in Windows Server clustering and storage: Hyper-converged SHAZAM!

Hyper-converged infrastructure is the next revolution happening to your on-premises cloud. In this session we cover all the new features and innovation coming for failover clustering, storage, Storage Spaces Direct, and the overall software-defined storage story in the fall semi-annual cadence release of Windows Server. These features all come together to empower the Windows Server hyper-converged story, and beyond. Faster than a speeding bullet… more simplistic management than a locomotive… hyper-scale greater than tall buildings… Look up in the sky, it’s not a bird or a plane; it’s HCI.

Dave Kawula's notes from the field on Storage Spaces Direct

This session looks at the field notes from production deployments of Storage Spaces Direct over the past six months. Various scenarios are covered from two-node SMB to enterprise configurations and everything in between. We look at some lessons learned for hardware configurations, firmware updates, and core network configurations. We also review some upgrade paths to the latest release of Windows Server semi-annual channel release. This session is action packed and you should definitely come ready to learn—delivered by Hyper Converged expert MVP Dave Kawula who has deployed Storage Spaces Direct all over the world.

Storage Spaces Direct: What are you waiting for?

Storage Spaces Direct is a great success and the building block for the modern datacenter. In this session, learn the field tricks to successfully implement Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct, S2D to be able to deliver blistering fast storage capacity.

Matching Storage Spaces Direct configurations to your workload

Which Storage Spaces Direct configuration is right for your workload? How does that choice impact your performance, capacity, and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)? Spaces Direct is flexible: you can combine NVMe, SAS and SATA SSDs, and hard drives of varying capacities in 2-tier or 3-tier configurations, so there are hundreds of possible configurations. Which is right for you? Invest 20 minutes to better understand the advantages and disadvantages as you choose your Spaces Direct storage configuration. Join the storage experts at HGST, a Western Digital brand in this theater session and in booth #857.

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