Ignite 2017 – Windows Server 2016 Focused Sessions

It's almost that time of year, Microsoft's Ignite event takes place in September, and here are a few of the sessions that focus on Windows Server 2016 to help give you an idea of which ones you might want to consider attending, or alternatively, and more likely for the majority, watch online after the fact.

Windows Server and hybrid cloud

The path to hybrid cloud is paved with good intentions. But it’s easy to get off-track if you don’t begin by making some important decisions about existing applications and infrastructure. Fortunately, you have several great options—so how do you choose the right strategy for your unique workloads? In this session we discuss: • Deciding what should move to cloud and what should stay on-premises • Migration methods you can use to streamline your move to hybrid cloud • Options for moving VMs to cloud, or modernizing existing applications with containers

Discover what’s new with Windows Server management experiences

Last year we previewed our Azure service "server management tools" and you told us loud and clear what you really wanted instead. Come hear how customer input has directly shaped product direction and investments as we unveil a brand new preview release of next-generation management experiences for Windows Server. We discuss tools and capabilities launching in the new preview release for core troubleshooting, configuration, and maintenance scenarios. We cover the architecture and local deployment options, and share what’s coming, including highly-requested partner extensibility.

What’s new in Windows Server fall release for the software-defined datacenter

We have exciting updates for the software-defined datacenter in the upcoming fall release of Windows Server. In this session, we cover these updates, including software-defined networking now with encrypted virtual networks, compute with direct access to persistent memory devices, and storage with increased scalability and support for data deduplication. Finally, we discuss security with support of shielded Linux VMs, and many more exciting new capabilities and enhancements.

Windows Server: What’s new and what’s next

Windows Server 2016 is a key milestone for innovation in software defined infrastructure, security, and application development. Join us to hear about the roadmap and future of Windows Server and experience what customers and partners are delighted about. In this session we also share the release cadence of Windows Server and what’s coming in the next few months.

Windows Server Fall Release technical foundation

Windows Server 2016 is a tour de force release and we haven’t slowed down one bit. The Windows Server Fall Release is upon us and now’s a great time to take a high-level view of the technology investments across the board. This session looks across security, management, software defined technologies, and more.

How Microsoft IT used Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 to implement privileged access workstations

As part of the security strategy to protect administrative privilege, Microsoft recommends using a dedicated machine, referred to as PAW (privileged access workstation), for administrative tasks; and using a separate device for the usual productivity tasks such as Outlook and Internet browsing. This can be costly for the company to acquire machines just for server administrative tasks, and inconvenient for the admins to carry multiple machines. In this session, we show you how MSIT uses shielded VMs on the new release of Windows client to implement a PAW.

Windows Server feature release: How to maximize developer efficiency today and tomorrow

Windows Server 2016 was the most advanced server platform ever built, making way for Windows Server fall feature release! All the great innovation in Windows Server 2016 including containers, Docker Enterprise support, nested virtualization, shielded VMs, improved Linux support, .NET Core, and many others are now with even more powerful additions like Linux container support, optimized container images, .NET Core 2.0, BASH support and more. This session focuses on how developers can be maximizing their productivity using Windows and Windows Server with containers.

Lessons learned from deploying Windows Server 2016

Join this session to learn about how to deploy Windows Server 2016 in your datacenter. Learn about real-world experience for Storage Spaces Direct, Nano Server, Hyper-V, and a lot more.

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