Inspire 2017 Office 365 Session Recordings

Following up from the last post on Inspire’s Windows Server And Hybrid Cloud session recordings, this post includes the links to the recorded sessions for Office 365 sessions. If you particularly interested in the Microsoft 365 Business session, check out this post as well. With Office 365 migrations becoming more prevalent with partners of all sizes, it's important to take a look at some of the workloads outside of Exchange Online to see what other capabilities your customers can take advantage of.

OFC04 Get ready to profit from the growing demand for Office 365 security and compliance capabilities

 Today, many Office 365 customers aren’t using the service’s security and compliance features. Office 365 Advanced Security and Compliance solutions can help you build a more profitable practice. Learn from the experts, and walk away with practical advice you can act on immediately.

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OFC06 Microsoft Workplace Analytics: Deepen engagement, improve productivity, win deals

 Office 365 Workplace Analytics transforms digital exhaust into actionable insights that enable managers to maximize their organizations’ time and resources. Discover how Workplace Analytics enhances businesses and helps partners win deals by enhancing their existing solution sets.

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OFC07 Skype for Business in Office 365: Tools and resources to grow your managed services practice

As customers continue to adopt Skype for Business in Office 365, the demand for managed services increases. Learn how the Skype Operations Framework provides tools and resources to help you take advantage of these new opportunities to build a sustainable managed services practice.

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OFC08 Unleash the right Office 365 collaboration services for every customer

As the universal toolkit for collaboration, Office 365 supports the unique needs of customer teams. Learn how to differentiate Office 365 collaboration offerings to chart the best solutions for your customers. And find out how Microsoft is evolving the collaboration opportunity.

OFC09 Microsoft Teams: the latest addition to the Microsoft collaboration story opens new opportunities to expand your practice

Flat organizations. Distributed teams. Mixed generations and workstyles. The modern workplace demands new tools and new ways of working. Learn how Microsoft Teams—the chat-based workspace in Office 365—can help business culture evolve as it creates a profitable opportunity for your practice.

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OFC10 SharePoint innovations create new partner opportunities in the connected workplace

New SharePoint innovations can empower people and organizations to transform business processes, engage employees, and harness collective knowledge. Find out how customers are creating connected workplaces. And discover how these innovations create even more opportunities for your practice.

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OFC12 Build modern business solutions on the Office 365 Platform

The latest Office platform additions—including Teams and new Microsoft Graph capabilities—are enabling developers to create solutions that adapt Office 365 to the needs of 100 million commercial users. Understand how these enhancements can enrich your packaged solutions and development practices.

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OFC14 New Microsoft investments in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) platform can accelerate your Office 365 practice

The value proposition for Office 365 on the Cloud Solution Provider platform has never been greater. Learn how you can take advantage of Microsoft’s latest investments across products and programs to accelerate your cloud business. And to expand the breadth of services you can offer your customers.

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OFC15 Skype for Business in Office 365: Target voice and meeting opportunities that fuel high-value customer communications and collaboration

Skype for Business delivers world-class experiences across voice, video, and meetings to deliver new customer value and opportunities to grow your practice. Find out how to target communications and collaboration scenarios. And how other partners are developing platform offering and services.

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MSP02p Build with Office 365: Modern meetings

Leverage Modern Meetings to double your ARPU from new as well as existing customers. This session explores what SMBs are currently paying for their web conferencing needs, how they evaluate a web conferencing offer, Microsoft's value proposition, and go to market.

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MSP06 Maximize your Office 365 profitability by investing in value added services and vertical offers

Understand how investing in value added services and vertical offers can increase your Office 365 CSP profitability and create customer stickiness - enabling you to drive sales and build customer trust, cross-sell cloud workloads, and maximize your margins.

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MSP09 Grow your SMB business with the power of 3

Harness the power of 3 with Office 365: Sell, Upsell and Cross Sell. Come learn about the opportunities to develop high value solutions for your SMB customers.

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CE145 Enable collaboration through intelligent and secure enterprise video management with Microsoft Stream

Microsoft’s new enterprise video service is here! Learn about the latest in collaborative video for Office 365 and beyond. Get a sneak peek into the roadmap and partner opportunities that enable customers to securely power intelligence in video workloads within their organization.

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