Important Updates To Power BI For Hybrid Usage Scenarios

As we move into the new financial year, and many server focused OEM and System Builder partners start looking for different ways of leveraging cloud integration technologies, the Power BI team have a few new tricks up there sleeve for Azure Backup and Azure Active Directory. Let's take a quick look at some of the capabilities they provide alongside existing on-premises infrastructure.

Azure Active Directory integration with Active Directory, alongside tools like Azure Active Directory Connect, provide great insight into what's happening with your user sign-ins from outside the network when combined with Power BI. If you are using one of the premium editions of Azure Active Directory, you can now easily start using the Self Service Password Reset Funnel to track password change attempts and details, which is something that many with password write-back capabilities should definitely be interested in. The step-by-step guide will help you set up the content pack and the troubleshooting guide comes in handy when you are getting started.

Moving away from hybrid identity, the other recent Power BI capability released was for Azure Backup, you can now access a preview of Azure Backup Reports. This will show you the health of your backups, as well as usage patterns and restore trends across subscriptions and vaults. Note, for partners wanting to consolidate views and reports across multiple customer tenants the team has received that feedback, and hopefully that is functionality we see sooner rather than later. I've recently been involved with some price modelling for several SMB focused Azure Backup scenarios, and the feedback so far has been incredibly positive. Take a look at Azure Backup Reports to get started.


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