Build innovation and security into client, server, cloud with Windows Server 2016 + Windows 10 – Part 3

Moving on to part 3 of the Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 better together story, let's break down some of the points references in Part 1.

Enterprises need to: Example scenario: How Windows Server 2016 + Windows 10 help:
Boost user productivity by

streamlining access to data and apps

Remote worker needs to access a corporate network from home or a remote location via laptop or mobile device. Windows Hello simplifies multifactor authentication (MFA) deployment and use, offering PIN, companion device, and biometric authentication methods to ensure only authorized users can access corporate data and resources.
Architect working on a federal government building project needs to access and adjust blueprints from a no-frills construction site laptop. Remote Desktop Services allows graphics processing units (GPUs) to be directly assigned to virtual machines, making remote desktop sessions possible for the most graphics-intensive apps—even on standard-issue devices. In addition, for VDI or RDS scenarios, all Windows Server 2016 security features – Credential Guard, Device Guard, Defender, and more – are actively working to protect your users, apps, and data.
Video editor needs to access high volumes of streamed data on his desktop. Server Message Block (SMB) over Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) functionality provides the throughput and low latency necessary to perform high volume data tasks like video editing.

Again we have some scenarios, highlighting the benefits of Windows Hello as a MFA option, and leveraging remote desktop services while working remotely. For those in the office, it's important to remember the final scenario of using high speed connectivity between the client and server. One of the things that I think should also be raised here is that even just using multi-channel SMB across multiple network adapters can provide a boost to file server performance, and it is fully supported on Windows 10client.


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