Ignite Australia 2017 Post Even Session Recommendations For OEM and System Builder Partners – Windows 10 Part 1

Yesterday I kicked off with the Windows Server 2016 sessions at Ignite 2017 Australia, and today I move to the desktop with Windows 10. The two leading sessions below are from Michael Niehaus, one of my go to guys for Windows 10 deployment questions, make sure you check out his blog at  https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/mniehaus/ . I was fortunate enough to grab dinner with Michael on the Sunday prior to the event kick off, unfortunately his sessions clashed with some of mine, so I got a chance to pick his brain one on one in the heat and humidity which neither of us found comfortable. Not all of the session recordings have been posted as at the time of writing these, so expect to see some topics revisited as the online catalogue is fully populated.

Customizing Windows 10: Image Creation Tips and Tricks

Windows 10 introduces changes in a variety of areas, especially compared to Windows 7. For those responsible for creating Windows images for their organizations, these changes can make their jobs harder. In this session, we'll look at how to adapt to these changes to do common image customizations with Windows 10.

What's New with Windows 10 deployment?

We continue to invest in new capabilities to make Windows 10 deployment easier and we provide an overview of the latest enhancements.

Windows 10 - The time is now

Take a look at the latest and greatest within Windows 10 right now, and take a sneak peek at Windows 10 Creator's update planned for Q1 2017 – including features, security, productivity and roadmaps. Experience the latest features across the new People centric interface, 3D and more.

Simple Windows Deployments for Schools

Take a deep-dive into a new cloud deployment model and explore Windows devices in education, simplifying shared device and 1:1 deployments. We start with setting up your necessary cloud components to deliver a cloud first experience on Windows (Intune, Office 365 for Education, Azure Active Directory, Windows Store for Business). Then, we look at the set-up and synching of School Data Sync, Microsoft Classroom and Take a Test for broad usage. This is followed by simplified device deployments with Set up School PCs and Windows 10. Finally, you’ll see what a ready-to-go Windows 10 device looks like on the first day of school using this deployment model.


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