Ignite Australia 2017 Post Even Session Recommendations For OEM and System Builder Partners – Windows Server 2016 Part 1

Ignite 2017 Australia wrapped up on Friday afternoon, and the recorded sessions are starting to appear up on Channel 9 so I will be posting the different sessions for the different technologies over the course of the next week. Not all of the session recordings have been posted as at the time of writing these, so expect to see some topics revisited as the online catalogue is fully populated.

Configuring and Deploying Just Enough and Just-In-Time Administration

Just enough administration is a new administration model that involves giving those that need to perform administrative tasks only those tools needed to complete those tasks. Just-In-Time administration is a complementary technology available in Windows Server 2016 that allows you to assign users to privileged groups for a limited duration rather than on a semi-permanent basis. In this session you’ll learn about the steps you need to take to deploy Just Enough Administration and Just-In-Time Administration, also known as Privileged Access Management. You’ll learn about how you can configure Just Enough Administration to allow users to perform specific tasks. You’ll also learn how you can configure Just-In-Time administration so that users are removed from privileged groups after a specific amount of time

What you need to know about Windows Server 2016 Security

Windows Server 2016 introduces more security features than any previously released Microsoft server operating system. Making your organization more secure is one of the big benefits of Windows Server. In this demo heavy session you’ll learn about new features included Credential Guard, Device Guard, Privileged Access Management (Just in Time Administration), Just Enough Administration, DNS policies, Guarded Fabrics, Shielded VMs as well as the security benefits of Nano Server, Windows Server and Hyper-V Containers. You’ll also learn how you can integrate Advanced Threat Analytics into your on-premises Windows Server deployment.

Deploy, configure, and remotely manage Nano Server

Hear about important transformations in Microsoft Windows Server - the new installation option called Nano Server. Nano Server is a deep rethink of the server architecture. The result is a new, lean cloud fabric host and application development platform, resulting in 20x smaller than Server Core and a reduction in security attack service surface and reboots! We cover everything you need to know in order to create a Nano Server image, deploy the image, how to configure as part of deployment, as well as remotely configuring and managing post deployment.

Understanding Windows Containers

Windows Containers are coming in Windows Server 2016. But what are they? What should you do with them? And why should you care? This session will focus on providing crisp examples of how Windows Containers can make your life easier in Windows Server 2016.

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