The New SmartHQ site launches today!

This blog's sibling, SmartHQ has just had an overhaul...

OEM Marketing Resource Headquarters
Today’s the day—welcome to the new SmartHQ!The site contains new information along with information published in the previous SmartHQ site. Coming soon — training content including quizzes with an opportunity to win a prize!

The great thing about the new SmartHQ site is that there’s no registration or login required. You don’t have to remember a password, and all of your colleagues can have access to it. Feel free to forward this email to your team today!

Even though the rewards portion of SmartHQ has now ended, fulfillment of prizes from the prior NAB IT offers and won auction items are still underway. You can access and log into the prior SmartHQ site here or at the bottom of the new SmartHQ home page.

We continue to look forward to providing all resellers information that will help you better understand the Microsoft products you are selling to your customers, while at the same time help you increase sales for your business or company.

Sincerely, Microsoft OEM Team


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