New Windows Server 2016 Resources Available on OEM Partner Center

The OEM Partner Center (OPC) has updated resources for OEM and System Builder partners, which require you to register in order to access them. If you have issues registering for, or accessing the OPC, please head to their support page.

Learn It

Power Your Business – Core Licensing Calculator .xlsx 32 KB

Utilize the OEM Windows Server 2016 Core Licensing Calculator to calculate the numbers of core license SKUs required for a particular server by inputting the number of physical processors in the server, and the number of physical cores per processor.

This customer ready OEM Windows Server 2016 Core Licensing Video helps explain the new core-based licensing model, common scenarios customers may run into, and the value of licensing based on cores.

Build It

Windows Server 2016 deployment resources

The Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) is a collection of tools that you can use to customize, assess, and deploy Windows Server operating systems to new computers and servers. The Windows ADK includes components that were previously released as part of the OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK), such as:

  • The Windows Preinstallation Environment, a minimal operating system designed to prepare a computer for installation and servicing of Windows.
  • Deployment tools, which enable you to customize, manage, and deploy Windows Server images. These tools also automate Windows deployments, removing user interaction during Windows setup.
  • Learn more about the Windows ADK.

Language packs for Windows Server 2016

Preinstall Windows Server language packs to enable a multilingual user interface in Windows Server 2016 environments. Adding language packs to Windows Server images enables users to install multiple languages in the Windows Server operating system.

Featured technical resources

Sell It

Sales tools

Educate your customers about the value and benefits of an OEM Windows Server 2016 by understanding the key Small and Medium Business (SMB) scenarios.
Use this upgrade flyer to show SMB customers how Windows Server 2016 fits their business needs.
Use this telesales guide to answer customer questions and explain the value of Windows Server 2016 for SMBs.
Learn how to sell Windows Server 2016 by understanding the key SMB selling scenarios and licensing options.

Online Marketing

Use this email template to promote the key benefits of Windows Server 2016 for small businesses.

Due to Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL), through-partner email templates must not be used for the Canadian market.

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