Ignite 2016 – Windows Server 2016 Storage Recordings

Now that another Ignite is over there is a plethora of fresh video content to review. Previously channel9.msdn.com would have been the place to go to catch up on what was missed, but this year the recordings are over on ignite.microsoft.com. This post focuses on Windows Server 2016 storage sessions that are available for on-demand viewing.

Drill into Storage Replica in Windows Server 2016

Delivering business continuity involves more than just high availability…it means disaster preparedness. In this session, we discuss the new Storage Replica feature, including scenarios, architecture, best practices, requirements, and demos. And I have swag!

Optimize your software-defined storage investment with Windows Server 2016

Explore the Microsoft software-defined storage stack in Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and how it gives you the ideal return on investment for datacenter workloads, efficiency, and disaster protection. Scalable, high-performance private cloud storage no longer means a multi-million dollar SAN. Flexible and reliable hyper-convergence no longer means hoping a start-up still answers the phone next month.

Discover Storage Spaces Direct, the ultimate software-defined storage for Hyper-V

Use industry-standard, cloud-inspired hardware to build highly performant, capacity efficient, and fault tolerant software-defined storage for Hyper-V and private clouds. Storage Spaces Direct enables scale-out Hyper-Converged or disaggregated Scale-Out File Server (SoFS) deployments. It’s a key building block of the Microsoft Azure Stack architecture, and here’s the best part – it’s included at zero additional cost in Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter.

Discover Hyper-Converged Infrastructure with Windows Server 2016

Discover how Windows Server 2016 brings you hyper-converged solutions. We heard your feedback – you asked for the ability to run software-defined storage with local disks on Hyper-V clusters. We demonstrate how Storage Spaces Direct and Hyper-V on the same cluster provides streamlines deployments and management with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI).

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