Ignite 2016 – Nano Server Recordings

Now that another Ignite is over there is a plethora of fresh video content to review. Previously channel9.msdn.com would have been the place to go to catch up on what was missed, but this year the recordings are over on ignite.microsoft.com. This post focuses on Nano Server sessions that are available for on-demand viewing.

Deploy, configure, and remotely manage Nano Server

Hear about important transformations in Microsoft Windows Server – the new installation option called Nano Server. Nano Server is a deep rethink of the server architecture. The result is a new, lean cloud fabric host and application development platform, resulting in 20x smaller than Server Core and a reduction in security attack service surface and reboots! We cover everything you need to know in order to create a Nano Server image, deploy the image, how to configure as part of deployment, as well as remotely configuring and managing post deployment.

Develop, package and deploy your apps for Nano Server

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is a radical transformation of the server application platform and developer experience with a super lightweight platform enabling apps to scale better and utilize just enough OS for their needs, while containers enable rapid development and deployment making this a very developer focused Windows Server release. We take you through the new development pipeline, focusing on: developing apps targeting Nano Server, packaging apps as Windows Server App’s (WSA), and deploying apps and their dependencies using PackageManagement so that they can be run in Containers, VMs

Explore Windows Server 2016 Application Platform

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 was designed to support cloud applications and devops workflows. The NanoServer configuration reduces the size of the OS deployment by 26x and dramatically reduces start times, patches and reboots. WS2016 defines architectures for packaging, repositories, configuration, operational testing, and secure operations to minimize the friction between devs and ops and maximize the velocity of code deployment. This session reviews these new architectures as well as NanoServer, Containers and enhancements to management and PowerShell.

Get notes from the field: implementing Nano Server in production around the world

Hear how, what and why customers around the world has embraced the latest Server technology from Microsoft: Nano Server. We go over designs, deployment and operational capabilities as well as some of the challenges faced during the implementation of Nano Server.

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