Ignite 2016 – Windows 10 Management Recordings

Now that another Ignite is over there is a plethora of fresh video content to review. Previously channel9.msdn.com would have been the place to go to catch up on what was missed, but this year the recordings are over on ignite.microsoft.com. This post focuses on the Windows 10 management sessions that are available for on-demand viewing.

Align your Windows 10 management strategy to end-user and IT needs

What’s the best approach to deploy and manage Microsoft Windows 10? Through MDM or PC agent? Is it better to use Intune or Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager? Get guidance on how you should be thinking about the management of your Windows ecosystem. Learn how Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager are going to support and enhance new features coming in Windows 10.

Explore how Windows 10 marks the end of roaming profiles

Roaming profiles were once introduced with Microsoft Windows NT. Lots of organizations are still with this ancient technology. Is Windows 10 the end of the roaming profile and the beginning of true solution for settings roaming? This session shows the new alternatives in Windows 10, and how you can easily move away from roaming profiles.

Join Windows 10 in Azure AD in five easy steps

Manage your clients without Active Directory from the cloud. See how easy it is to join the Microsoft Azure cloud and enroll in Microsoft Windows Intune with Windows 10.

Run Bash scripts from Windows 10

Learn how to install the Linux bash shell in Windows 10 and run basic commands. Create management bash scripts in Windows 1 and manage Microsoft Azure resources from the Windows 10 Linux bash shell.

Reduce cost of MDM Device Management through better diagnostics tools

Time spent on triage, diagnostics, and troubleshooting issues with MDM management is a cost center for our customers. With the Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update we introduce new capabilities that enables customers to spend less time figuring out the root cause is saving time and reducing the overall TCO of Windows.

Understand settings roaming solutions in Windows

Microsoft provides multiple options for Windows Enterprise settings roaming including Enterprise State Roaming (ESR) and User Experience Virtualization (UE-V). In this session, we cover the value of ESR and UE-V to Enterprise end-users who are mobile and use multiple devices, how the two Windows features work together and how to administer the Windows features for cloud and on-premise deployments.

Take the road to modern enterprise device management

GP, MDM, AAD, DJ, DJ++, AADJ, Intune, AD. Ever wonder how all of these acronyms and products fit together to form Microsoft Enterprise device management options? If so, we invite you to come to this talk to find out exactly what they are, how they fit together, which product to use and when, and how they can help your business.

Discover what’s new in device management

Microsoft Windows Anniversary update provides a host of new experience, management capabilities, and options for managing Windows. To understand what these are and how they benefit your business make sure you attend this session.

Manage Microsoft devices like a pro

Explore the ins and outs of managing Microsoft Surface with Windows 10. This session provides guidance to help you deploy Windows on Surface devices, keep those devices up to date, and easily manage and support devices in your organization. Topics to include Microsoft Surface firmware and drivers, deployment accelerator, diagnostic toolkit and reporting.

Customize the start menu in Windows 10

Getting your users up to speed with Windows 10 is now easier than ever with new options to customize the Windows 10 start menu. Attend this session to see how you can get happy customers with exactly the start menu that you want them to get from the start.

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