Ignite 2016 – Windows Server 2016 Recordings

Now that another Ignite is over there is a plethora of fresh video content to review. Previously channel9.msdn.com would have been the place to go to catch up on what was missed, but this year the recordings are over on ignite.microsoft.com. I’ll kick the Windows Server 2016 series off with the overview sessions that are available for on-demand viewing.

Introduce Windows Server 2016 into your environment!

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 brings a host of new technologies for infrastructure (software defined compute/networking/storage) and for the application platform (Containers, Nano Server). It’s both the server you know and the bridge to the cloud. We’ve heard you are eager to understand what Windows Server can bring to your organization and want to know how you can incorporate into your organization. In this session, we dive into deployments, upgrades, monitoring and more, so you can quickly onboard Windows Server 2016!

Unravel and harness Windows Server 2016 for private and hybrid cloud solutions

Learnings from the real world, take the hybrid datacentre to the next level with the capability of Windows Server 2016. With a focus on end-to-end design, unravel and harness the vast array of capabilities within Server 2016 to drive up scale and drive down cost on your private and hybrid cloud systems, delivered from a speaker who builds their business on the technology. Gain the real-world insight and understanding required to obtain maximum benefit from the new generation of software defined storage, networking and compute. Beyond the base fabric, see how significant enhancements in remote

Explore Windows Server 2016 Software Defined Datacenter

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 wave represents a tectonic shift in the industry with Software Defined Compute, Storage, Networking, Nano Server, Containers, Next Generation Assurance and more. If you are an IT Pro or an Ops person, then this session is for you. Learn how Windows Server 2016 SDDC is delivering new layers of security, cloud scale, disruptive cost economics, flexibility for private clouds, enterprises and much more.

Meet Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016

Join us in this demo-heavy presentation for the unveiling of the brand new Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft System Center 2016. Drive business transformation in the cloud-first world – Windows Server and System Center have evolved to meet this changing world. To accelerate value and stay ahead of competition, you need infrastructure that unleashes application innovation and you need your IT to meet increasingly demanding business requirements. Learn about Windows Server’s enhanced security capabilities, software define datacenter technologies and application features to build cloud-native app

Learn the top 10 reasons why you’ll like Windows Server 2016

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 brings a huge number of new capabilities and after a year of discussions in the Microsoft Technology Center there are certain features that resonate the best with customers. In this session we go through those top ten including virtualization, storage, networking, management and more. A core theme throughout all the areas will be security with a focus on some game-changing capabilities that finally enable the protection of workloads even from the administrator.

Keep the lights on with Windows Server 2016 Failover Clustering

This session will give the complete roadmap of the wealth of new Failover Clustering features and features which enable high availability scenarios in Microsoft Windows Server 2016. If you are going to attend one session on clustering / high availability… this is it! This session covers all the incremental feature improvements from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Server 2016 for clustering, as well as other features which increase availability of your cluster solutions.

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