Ignite 2016 – Windows 10 Deployment Recordings

Now that another Ignite is over there is a plethora of fresh video content to review. Previously channel9.msdn.com would have been the place to go to catch up on what was missed, but this year the recordings are over on ignite.microsoft.com. I’ll kick this series off with the Windows 10 deployment sessions that are available for on-demand viewing.

Enhance Windows 10 deployment: what’s new with Windows 10 deployment?

We continue to invest in new capabilities to make Windows deployment easier. In this session, we provide an overview of the latest enhancements for Windows 10 deployment.

Deploy Windows 10 for business – the future is closer than you think

Digital transformation has changed the face of enterprise computing, and the time for Windows 10 is now. Rob Lefferts from the Windows Devices Group dives into what Windows 10 is delivering for businesses and how it makes deployment easier than ever. Rob will also discuss the latest Windows enhancements in management, security, and productivity and how they are changing what is possible today, and are continuously improving for tomorrow. Along the way Rob shares stories of real world Windows 10 deployments. Plus demos!

Simplify OS deployments with Windows Provisioning

Microsoft Windows Provisioning can help lower deployment costs by removing the need for imaging. Learn what’s new with Windows Provisioning and the product roadmap.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! Say goodbye to clean installs of Windows 10

For years, the perceived wisdom was always to perform a clean install of Windows. With Windows 10, that all changed. Learn why it doesn’t make sense to seek the holy grail of a gold image any more.

Use simplified provisioning tools to get Windows 10 up and running in schools

Join us for a deep dive on two new deployment tools for Windows devices in education, improving shared cart and 1:1 deployments. The first half of this session discusses and demos the Set up School PCs app, focused on delivering a simplified workflow for setting up new devices for cloud-first deployments. We know many of you have existing infrastructure to connect to, such as Microsoft Active Directory, therefore the second half of the session covers improvements to the Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer, simplifying provisioning for IT-led deployments.

Accelerate Windows10 deployments through telemetry driven insights using Upgrade Analytics

Upgrade Analytics helps customers accelerate Windows 10 deployments and staying up to date with the Windows as a Service candence by providing telemetry driven insights. Learn about the capabilities delivered by Upgrade Analytics and how customers are using it.

Master Windows 10 Deployments – Expert Level

Join us for a live demo on how to build a Microsoft Windows deployment solution, based on Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. In the session we take OS Deployment in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and System Center Configuration Manager to its outer limits. Deployment tips, tricks, and hard core debugging in a single session. You can expect a lot of live demos in this session.

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