New Windows as a service guidance available – Update Windows 10 In The Enterprise

I just noticed that my old friend Nathan Mercer has posted a link to a new article in the Windows IT Center - Update Windows 10 in the enterprise. Nathan has the fun job of making announcements that get a fair bit of attention in the world of Windows desktop admins, so I make sure I reach out an annoy him every now and then.

Now that we've seen 1507, 1511 and 1607, as Current Branch, 1607 on track to become the Current Branch For Business later this year, we are seeing the Windows As A Service strategy come into play in many organisations. Take a look a the linked resources to get an idea of what you should be doing based on which "Current" is right for you, and how the different management tools you use play into this decision. Recently I've been working with some educational organisations who have rolled out the 1511, 1602 and 1606 builds of Configuration Manager to handle the large number of devices they manage, but don't forget that you can also work with Windows Update, Windows Update for Business and Windows Software Update Services. If you are using WSUS, make sure you are using WSUS 4.0 with KB3095113 and KB3148812 installed. These require Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2, and don't forget that soon we will have Windows Server 2016 as a released OS to run WSUS on.

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