Ignite 2016 For System Builders And OEMs – Remote Desktop Services Sessions

It’s almost time for Ignite, where Windows Server 2016 will have it’s official launch, and I’ve gone through the session listing to give an idea of which ones might be appropriate for you to check out next week when the recordings start to become available. last time I covered Windows 10 Integration with Cloud Services, and in today’s post I’ll focus in on Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2016. In the lead up, why not take a look at the latest in the Microsoft Mechanics series to cover RDS in Windows Server 2016.


Harness RDS improvements in Windows Server 2016

Learn why Remote Desktop Services is the platform for your customers to build their desktop virtualization infrastructure. We have made significant performance investments in Remote Desktop Services in Microsoft Windows Server 2016. If you're interested in understanding the value of desktop virtualization for your customer, this session provides you an in depth look into the key improvement we're introducing. We cover topics such as graphic and scalability improvements. In addition, we share some demos to showcase the performance capabilities for enterprise class application workloads.

Get updates to Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2016 and Azure

RDS in Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is a big step forward in Windows desktop virtualization. We explain new graphics capabilities powered by Direct Device Assignment (DDA) technology for graphics cards, RemoteFX vGPU and enhanced support for Open GL and Open CL. The updated RD connection broker has now been tested to handle 10K+ concurrent connection requests and updates to desktop licensing and high performance Azure VMs extend your options even further. We demonstrate all of this and more.

Get an independent insider’s view of desktop virtualization and session remoting:

This session highlights Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services from the perspective of an independent subject matter expert. Join Benny Tritsch as he shares his experience from real-world RDS projects and his thoughts about the potential Windows Server 2016 has for your desktop virtualization and session remoting use cases. Get in-depth information on how good the RDS 2016 end-user experience is and learn how to measure it yourself, both on-premises and on Microsoft Azure. Other important topics discussed in this session are RDS 2016 management concepts (administrator experience) and the known limits of the pure RDS 2016 platform, leaving room for third-party solutions to build on top.

Use server-based personal desktops in Server 2016

With Microsoft Server 2016 there is a new option for Remote Desktop Deployments. In this session we explain how to use Server-Based Personal Desktops in your Datacenter and why it is a great new feature. We also look at the differences to other deployment models and figure out what licensing is about. How to configure and use it will be shown in a live demo.

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