Resources For The 70-734 Exam

In the last post I mentioned that the Windows 10 Exam 70-734 is now in preview, and listed the exam objectives. In today's post I'll list some of the resources you should be looking at for the exam preparation. I'm sitting this exam next week, and these are the exam resources I'll be using, so I'll report back and let you know if there are any additional sources of information you should be looking at. Something to note before you continue  - some of these resources may require you to sign up to the System OEM Partner Center with your Microsoft Account.

Windows 10 Deployment White Paper for System Builders

This step-by-step guide includes online and offline customizations for both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations. This guide is specially targeted for system builders and applies to all versions of the Windows 10 client operating system.

Windows policy for system builders

Review the requirements for all system builders who install, configure, and distribute Windows 10.

Windows 10 Deployment Training Webinar

Did you miss the Windows 10 Deployment Training for System Builders webinar? If so, download this deck and Q&A from the audience or listen to the webinar recording. This deck and recording break down the deployment methods described in the Windows 10 deployment white paper into the easier-to-understand parts, illustrates the Standard and Compact OS deployments, and covers questions from the community. Using the explanations and tips in this material will help you deliver higher quality Windows 10 devices with an improved experience for your customers.

Windows 10 Deployment Training for System Builders webinar deck (2MB)

Windows 10 Deployment Training for System Builders webinar recording(381MB)


OEM Windows 10 Desktop Deployment and Imaging Lab

OEM Windows 10 Desktop Deployment and Imaging Lab

This walks through building new Windows 10 device designs and customizing them for specific markets to meet your customers' needs.

  • Lab 1 Customize and install your first Windows image: Use Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) to customize a Windows image, save it to a USB drive, and use it to deploy to a PC or tablet. If you're new to Windows imaging and deployment, start here.
  • Lab 2: Classic-style deployment: This lab covers the classic-style deployment, using command line tools in the Windows ADK to customize and deploy a Windows image.


Features On Demand

To help reduce the size of your image, language packs have now been split into the following language components and Features On Demand Capabilities: UI text (, Basic (spell check, typing), Fonts, Handwriting, Optical character recognition, Text-to-speech and Speech.

You can use the Features on Demand v2 language capabilities from Windows 10 Build 10240 for current Windows 10 Insider Preview builds. We will be updating these with Windows 10 (Version 1511), at which point you will need to use the new Features on Demand v2 capability packages.

Windows 10 Features on Demand

74-697 OEM Preinstallation Resources

The resources that were listed for the Windows 8 version of this exam are as follows, and will also provide some useful content - just be aware that there are going to be differences between Windows 8.x and Windows 10 in some areas, so be careful with these older links as use them as extra material, not as your main sources.

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