Office v16 OPK for Office 2016 Available From The OEM Partner Center

A while back I posted about the early versions of the OEM Preinstallation Kit for Office, and one of the things that was asked about in comments was the availability of an updated version for Office 2016 deployments.

This is now available from the OEM Partner Center, of which certain sections will require you to sign in with your Microsoft Partner Network associated Microsoft account.

OPK Downloads

Office v16 OPK for Office 2016
The Office v16 OPK expands the single Office out-of-box experience (OOBE) tile to three separate application tiles for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In Windows 10, these tiles will be automatically pinned to the Start menu based on your configuration setup, but in Windows 8 and Windows 7, you will need to manually pin the apps by using the instructions in the OEM Preinstallation Guide for Office 2016. .pdf 834 KB​
The Office v16 OPK preinstalls Office for easy end-user trial and acquisition, instead of using the preload model, and end-user redemption of the Office 365 trial and activation is streamlined.

Office Deployment Tool

You must use the Office Deployment Tool to install Office 2016 onto devices. For more information, see the Office v16 OPK OEM Preinstallation Guide.
Download the Office Deployment Tool .img 251 MB

Office v16 OPK downloads

English .img 2.33 GB

For other languages sign in to the OEM Partner Center and go to the Microsoft Office v16 OPK page.

Need OPK Support?

For any questions on obtaining or using the OPK for Office v16 OPK, please post in the Partner Support Forums.

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