Older Versions Of Internet Explorer Reach End Of Support January 12, 2016 – Part 1

Today's post is a collection of information and resources related to the end of support for Internet 10 and earlier from various Microsoft resources. The adoption of Internet Explorer 11 with it's Enterprise Mode for backwards compatibility and Microsoft Edge moving forward is Microsoft's double pronged approach to addressing compatibility concerns with web apps, and there's no shortage of information available to help you deploy them. Today's post will focus on the reasons to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, including the obvious reason which is end of support.

Support for older versions of Internet Explorer ends on January 12, 2016         

This page addresses some of the frequently asked questions that customers ask, and how to address them.

Reasons to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11

This article covers the benefits of upgrading to Internet Explorer 11, and then moves on to some of the steps involved in getting the migration started.

Microsoft Support Lifecycle

This includes a FAQ for the Internet Explorer support lifecycle

Microsoft Edge Blog

This blog doesn't just cover Edge, it also covers Internet Explorer and SmartScreen, amongst others.

Microsoft Edge Home Page

For those with customers running Windows 10, a strong awareness of the capabilities of Edge helps your customer understand why they now have two browsers included with the operating system.

This is a fairly quick update, the next update will focus on planning and migration resources.

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    In Part 1 I highlighted some of the resources that focus on End Of Support for older versions of Internet

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