Live Blog Updates From Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in July 2015

Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference is happening in Orlando, Florida from the 12th to the 16th of July, and I'll be there to report back on OEM and SMB related sessions and announcements. Here are a few of the sessions that I've already pencilled in. For those of you unfamiliar with WPC, it is a sales focused event, so while the technical information is light, there is enough other useful material to make it worth paying attention to even for techs.


The keynotes give a strong indication of what products Microsoft will be promoting heavily over the coming year, so if you are looking for something new to extend your Microsoft skills into, this gives a good indication of where there will be readiness investments. While it's easy to guess that Windows 10, Office 2016 and the new release of Windows Server will all be getting attention, you never know what surprise inclusions or announcements might make you think about a few other options.

Monetizing The Windows Server Upgrade

One of the biggest services opportunities of the year! With end of support for Windows Server 2003 in July, there is a large wave of customers actively planning their migration to new versions of the operating system and many of these customers already have rights to the latest version of the platform. Hear from Microsoft, as well as partners in the community, about engagement plans that unlock value for customers while growing your revenue base.

Content and cash: how Microsoft is making it easy for you to sell Windows 10

Are you looking to understand where the Windows team is investing its marketing budget and how you can leverage our investments? Marketing leaders from the Windows Commercial team explain what sales and marketing campaigns have been developed to address Windows 10 opportunities and how partners can leverage the funds, resources, and training available through these campaigns to increase revenue and profitability.

Increase your device sales and services profitability

With hardware margins continuing to decline, maintaining profitability in a practice largely based on Windows device sales can be challenging. Join Steve Adams (the “Device Guy”) and a panel of Microsoft and partner experts for a discussion about how to add packaged services and managed services to round out your devices practice and prepare for Windows 10 device opportunities.

Show me the money with Windows 10

Windows 10 will enable you to drive more revenue, differentiate yourself, and leverage existing skills to become a more trusted advisor to your customers. In this session, learn how Windows 10 helps grow your business by unlocking device opportunities, accelerating your cloud services attach, increasing the ROI from your infrastructure services, enhancing your app profitability, and capturing new licensing opportunities.

What you need to know about deploying, securing, and managing Windows 10 for your customers

Come hear from Microsoft experts on how they deployed and managed the roll out of Windows 10. They discuss the strategic change management to arm you with some valuable best practices as you speak to your customers. Get an in-depth perspective on what Windows 10 delivers for an IT organization from a scale, development, security, and productivity standpoint. They also share stories on our app store strategy and overall service management.

Maximize SMB sales opportunities with devices and mobility through distribution

Light up digital experiences for SMB customers with Windows 10 and an industry-leading portfolio of innovative and connected devices. Maximize your opportunities with SMBs through new partnerships and programs for FY16!

Free = profit: how to leverage the free upgrade to Windows 10 for SMBs

For the first time in history Microsoft is providing the upgrade to the next version of Windows to customers for free and a large number of SMBs will qualify for this incredible offer. Learn how to take advantage of this momentous opportunity to generate new business in device sales, deployment and servicing, volume licensing, cloud attach and apps.

How to take advantage of new business opportunities for mobility

Organizations continue to increase their investment in mobility, but they encounter challenges deploying, securing, and managing them. They’ll need help, from you and from Windows 10 Mobile. Discover new business opportunities to provide mobility products and services. Learn what’s new in Windows 10 Mobile and how it's going to deliver great productivity, security, and manageability to organizations. Walk away with clear guidance on how to grow your business with Windows 10 Mobile.

Sales strategies on winning with Windows devices

Hear from Microsoft device sellers in the field, OEM partners and reseller partners on sales strategies, success stories, and programs that help win Windows device deals. Also, learn about the lineup of hero Windows commercial devices that you can pitch to your customers. After attending this session you will have an arsenal of ideas on how you can sell more Windows devices as part of your customer solution offering.

Stories from the trenches (uncensored edition): migrating customers to Windows 10

Join this panel discussion with SI and ISV Partners and Microsoft IT to hear real-world accounts from the front lines. Learn the challenges and the opportunities these experts faced with Windows 10 early adopters. Topics range from testing, deployment, training, management, security, and support, to app development.

How Windows 10 is enabling the Internet of Things

This session discusses the Windows 10 IoT platform that will power everything from small fixed-function devices to full featured mission critical Windows-based devices. This talk covers the investments Microsoft is making in Windows 10 to help you enable the Internet of Things for our customers. Key topics we discuss include the new security, connectivity, and user experience capabilities in Windows 10 and the IoT devices our partners are building on Windows 10.

Up for grab: massive revenue potential on over 500 million Windows 7 devices ripe for Windows 10

According to IDC, there are over 500 million devices running Windows 7 in 2015. This presents broad opportunities including OS upgrade, hardware refresh, app development and migration, and cloud service attach for Microsoft partners. Join Microsoft, Intel, and CDW in an interactive panel discussion to learn how you can position Windows 10 and successfully compel Windows 7 lovers to move on!

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