What's Coming Up Next Fiscal Year

I've been asked to be involved in more System Builder and OEM Reseller activities next financial year (for those readers not in Australia, our financial year is July 1 to June 30, which aligns nicely with Microsoft's financial year!), so we have some time to plan what's coming.

Here is a quick list of things we are planning on delivering, based on feedback from those that attended the OEM Server roadshow, and those that engage with us via the SmartHQ website as well.

So far these are the things we are thinking about delivering on the server side, but obviously there are going to be desktop activities as well with the launch of Windows 10

1. Monthly webinars - these will build on the topics that we covered during the roadshow, with an eye to what's going to be delivered in the next release of Windows Server. The feedback that came through loud and clear is that you want to hit the ground running when new versions become available.

2. Additional video content - the topics will vary, but part of this will be releasing bite sized sections of the completed roadshow content for those who were unable to attend, or those who need a refresher, as well as additional pieces we need to deliver that might fall outside of the scope of the monthly webinar.

3. Monthly newsletters - this is something you will need to sign up for, so we will be driving this, and it will be highlighting the latest news and information, as well as what's coming up. This will be tightly aligned with this blog, SmartHQ, and other partner activities that are being run in Australia in the coming year.

4. Event participation - if you are going to be at the currently known events, such as Australian Partner Conference or Ignite later this year, let me know! As more events fill the calendar, we will let you know which ones the OEM team will be at.

5. Event blogging - just because you can't be there doesn't mean we won't be there and letting you know what's happening.

6. Product launches! Yes, this is a huge year coming up from a new product launch perspective, so we will be making sure we are working closely with the product managers to make sure the latest information is coming at you, such as the last few weeks where we have delivered several Windows 10 webinars in conjunction with the OEM distributors.

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