Keeping Up With Microsoft Product Team Blogs – Part 2 – What I Try To Keep An Eye On

In the last post I covered the blogs I really try to stay up to speed on, in this one I'll list a few more that I refer to regularly, and point people to when needed.

Windows Server Blog

Yes, this one covers a wide range of technologies within Windows Server, but is usually the place where major Windows Server announcements are made.

The Windows Server Essentials and Small Business Server Blog

The title is fairly explanatory, but this is THE place to go for official information relating to Essentials as a product or a role.

Jose Barreto's Blog

If Storage Spaces, PowerShell and network optimisations get you excited, be careful reading this post or you may shriek in delight at the content that Jose delivers.

SUS Blog

Covers all things relating to WSUS and Windows Update

Ben Armstrong’s Virtualization Blog

Ben is a Hyper-V Program Manager, and he has been a driving force in virtualisation technologies at MS for many years.

The Storage Team at Microsoft - File Cabinet Blog

The Storage Team Blog about file services and storage features in Windows and Windows Server

Clustering and High-Availability Blog

Covers failover clustering and network load balancing technologies.

Exchange Blog

This is one that I don't pay as much attention to now versus years ago because my focus has shifted to Exchange Online as my go-to solution for SMB customers, but I know that's not always possible and that there are customers with a huge investment in Exchange.

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