Keeping Up With Microsoft Product Team Blogs – Part 1 – What I Keep An Eye On

One of the questions that comes up often is how can you keep up with the rapid pace of change in some segments of the Microsoft product set, and below I have included the RSS details for the blogs that I actively monitor.

Active Directory Blog

This blog covers updates and enhancements to on-premises and Azure Active Directory, and there has been a whole bunch of activity over the last few months focused on Windows 10 integration.

Windows Blog

This is the all encompassing Windows 10 blog covering PCs, phones and Xbox. 

Office Blogs

If Office is something you care about, whether it's on PCs, tablets or phones, and whether it's delivered on-premises or via a cloud service this is the blog for you.

In The Cloud Blog

This is the blog of Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Client and Mobility, If you are interested in how to start managing cloud connected devices from Microsoft tools, this is the place to go.

Enterprise Mobility Blog

If you are looking at using Microsoft Intune, or any of the underlying components of the Enterprise Mobility Suite, this is the place to start.

Intune Blog

The Intune blog gives a heads up on what's new and what's coming further down the track, so if mobile device management and mobile application management are things your customers need, then start here.

Remote Desktop Services Blog

Remote Desktop Services are playing an ever more vital role for those customers that are embracing different mobility solutions, and this blog covers advancements in new versions of Windows Server as well updates on what is being delivered by Microsoft Azure.

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