Ignite Sessions For OEM and System Builder Partners – Network Requirements For Hybrid Scenarios

During the just completed OEM Windows Server 2012 R2 Roadshow I mentioned several ways of keeping up with different products and technologies, and that I would create a few posts that cover these in more detail. This is the next post in that series, and it is focused on the sessions that were delivered at the Ignite event (the successor to TechEd and several other events) in Chicago. Cloud Integration and networking is today's focus area that I'll cover.

An Overview of Microsoft Azure Networking Capabilities

This session provides an overview of networking technologies in Azure with a special focus on newer networking features that have been added to the platform. Topics covered include Azure Virtual Networks, high-speed dedicated connectivity, connectivity solutions for developers, and test-dev scenarios, among others. p>

What Really Happens When There Is a Service Incident with Office 365, and What's My Role?

Before moving to Microsoft Office 365, your team planned each and every change or update before your users saw anything new or different. Now in a services-first world, changes are introduced at a rapid pace, sometimes before you or your help desk may be prepared. Office 365 provides communications to help you manage change, stay informed, and inform your users. Learn how to best use the Office 365 Message Center, Roadmap.office.com, and Success.office.com to get ahead of updates and help your business take advantage of the latest and greatest Office 365 has to offer. p>

Best Practices for Client Access to Office 365

In this deep-dive session, we will discuss options for securing client access to Office 365, including how to restrict access, why you may not want to, and the pros and cons of using web proxies or direct access. We’ll discuss how other customers are doing this in production and share lessons learned from them, as well as how Microsoft does things themselves. p>p>

Bumps and Blips on the Road to Cloud Nirvana: From On-Premises Microsoft Exchange to Office 365

Come learn from one of the most experienced Exchange MVPs what it’s like to make the journey from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online. It’s easy to start using Microsoft Office 365 if it’s a fresh start, but things can get more complex when you are moving your existing users and content to Exchange Online. To be successful, you have to get comfortable with the cloud, understand its limits, and be able to embrace and utilize its strengths. The presenter has strong opinions on what works and what doesn't. You’ll hear what’s good and not so good about Exchange Online and how to make it work for you. Intensely practical and honest, this is a must-attend session for anyone who’s contemplating the move to Exchange Online. p>p>

Azure Active Directory Identity Options and New Tools Explained

Want to know the most efficient way to get your users and co-workers into the cloud? In this session, we explain identity options and demonstrate a few tools to make it easier to synchronize your directory services with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. p>p>

Securing Access to Office 365 and other apps with Enterprise Mobility Suite

Access control to corporate resources is a critical component of any Enterprise mobility security strategy. In this session, we provide a comprehensive overview of our secure email and collaboration solution using the Conditional access and mobile application management capabilities of Microsoft Intune. Learn how to configure conditional access policies to ensure that only devices that are fully managed and compliant with your policies are able to access email, SharePoint and LOB applications. We also show how to secure access to network services like VPN, Wifi and deploying certificates to mobile devices. p>p>

Device and Data Protection with Mobile Device Management in Office 365

In this session we dive deep into mobile device and data management for Office 365. This includes our new MDM for Office 365 feature and application management with Microsoft Intune. Both of these features now include conditional access to Office 365 data so you can protect Office 365 content on any device with ease! p>p>

Evolve Your Network Infrastructure for Microsoft Azure Connectivity

This session provides an overview of Hybrid Scenarios supported in Microsoft Azure. Come and learn about how Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute enables you to extend your network to Microsoft and enable Hybrid Scenarios for your Enterprise. Learn about how you can plan for connectivity to Office 365 services over ExpressRoute. Hybrid Scenarios change the volume and nature of traffic flows within and outside a corporate network. Find out how the Microsoft IT addressed these challenges using ExpressRoute. p>p>

Deploying a Scalable Virtual Edge for Hybrid Connectivity with External Networks

Hybrid clouds span private and public clouds. This session covers Microsoft's suite of virtual network functions that provide secure and reliable connectivity to public and private clouds. We will describe the multi-tenant HNV Gateway and NAT capabilities in Windows Server 2012-R2. We then cover Windows Server Threshold which offers a complete, highly available and scalable virtualized network edge solution consisting of HNV-based Software Load Balancer and NAT, Distributed firewall and rich enhancements to the HNV Gateway and talk about how all these functions integrate with Microsoft's Network Controller. Windows Server Threshold will also allow you to leverage the Windows Server platform and bring your own virtual appliances. p>p>

Hybrid Partnerships: Enabling On-Premises Scenarios in Microsoft Azure

Come learn about the exciting technologies and partnerships that enable you to extend your on-premises networks into the Microsoft cloud securely and reliably. We will cover new features that enhance the security, performance and reliability of our existing hybrid networking services. We will talk about our partnerships with ExpressRoute connectivity providers around the world. We will also look at how our partnerships with key network appliance partners will enable you to build a secure branch office in Microsoft Azure p>p>

How Microsoft Azure Active Directory Helps Prevent, Detect and Remediate Attacks to Your Enterprise

In this session, we cover a set of solutions across Active Directory and Azure Active Directory that help organizations easily identify the key risks to their organizations, and talk about the mechanisms across the hybrid enterprise to prevent, detect, and remediate attacks organizations face. p>p>

How Microsoft IT Manages Identity in a Hybrid Cloud World

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is the newest generation of identity technology, designed to help customers meet the challenges of the cloud head-on. Since general availability, it has been adopted across the industry, and Microsoft IT is one of Azure AD’s most sophisticated customers. In this session, come and hear real-life “Tales from the Trenches” about how Microsoft IT are working to strike the right balance between enterprise requirements for authentication, security, privacy, and compliance, while creating a great experience for our users and customers who want to stay connected and productive no matter where they are or what device they’re using. p>

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