Ignite Sessions For OEM and System Builder Partners – Hyper-V

During the just completed OEM Windows Server 2012 R2 Roadshow I mentioned several ways of keeping up with different products and technologies, and that I would create a few posts that cover these in more detail. This is the first in that series, and it is focused on the sessions that were delivered at the Ignite event (the successor to TechEd and several other events) in Chicago. Hyper-V is the first technology that I'll include some relevant sessions for, and I'll work through others over the coming days.

What's New in Windows Server Hyper-V

There are lots of new features and possibilities with Hyper-V in Windows 10 and the Windows Server Technical Previews. Come to this session to get the nitty gritty details of all the new stuff that is in Hyper-V and learn about how you can play with it “hands-on."

The Hidden Treasures of Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V

It's one thing to hear about and see a great demo of a Hyper-V feature. But how do you put them into practice? This session takes you through some of those lesser-known elements of Hyper-V that have made for great demonstrations, introduces you to some of the lesser-known features, and shows you best practices, how to increase serviceability and uptime, and design/usage tips for making the most of your investment in Hyper-V.

Hyper-V Storage Performance with Storage Quality of Service

Windows Server vNext allows you to centrally monitor and manage performance for Hyper-V workloads using Scale-Out File Servers. Learn how to monitor storage performance from a customer, Hyper-V, and storage admin’s viewpoint, then author effective policies to deliver the performance your customers need.

Deploying Hyper-V Network Virtualization

If you've heard about Hyper-V Network Virtualization and are excited about it, come to this session to see how it works with Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager. In this session, learn how to make your own environment quickly, and how to link your virtual environment to real networks with NVGRE gateways.

Migrating to Microsoft: VMware to Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure

In this session, learn all about the current Microsoft solutions that enable you to migrate your on-premises workloads from VMware, over to Hyper-V or up into Microsoft Azure. In addition, we showcase some of the key partner solutions that customers can take advantage of for migration.

Virtualizing Linux and FreeBSD Workloads on Windows Server Hyper-V

Heterogeneous environments with Windows Server, Linux and FreeBSD are more common than not. Being able to run all your virtualized workloads on a single hypervisor simplifies management and optimizes server capacity. We explore Hyper-V support for Linux and FreeBSD distributions and how IT admins/architects can ensure top performance running on Hyper-V.

Hyper-V Network Virtualization: 100+ Customer Service Provider Deployments

Several large service providers have been deploying SDN with our Hyper-V Network Virtualization v1 product. Come learn from the supporting Microsoft architects about the best practices, architecture and caveats, and be ready for your own deployment.

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