Getting Ready For Office 2016 Pre-Installations On New PCs

Last week at Ignite the Office team announced the availability of the Office 2016 Preview, which you can read about here You can get details on how to obtain the preview here -

Combine this information with the latest version of the Office OPK, v15.4 and you have the ability to see how new deployments will work. 

Use the tools, product files, and documentation in the Microsoft Office Single Image v15.4 OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) to preload Office 2013 on new PCs for distribution to end users. The OPK enables activations of Office 2016 when this version reaches General Availability.

You can download the latest OPK here

You can download the latest OPK Guide here 

Some important public Office 2016 resources can be found at...

Office 365 Community Forum – Office 2016 Preview –

MS Answers – Office 2016 Consumer focused forums –

Wiki in the Office 365 Community – This Wiki hosts known issues for Office 2016 Preview -

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  1. Douglas Terborg says:

    Now that Office 2016 is out, when will the OPK be available?

    Dell just shipped us a number of PCs, with Office 2016 keys, and Office 2013 installed. This leaves us in a bit of a bind. I know this isn’t Microsoft’s issue per se, but I’m really hoping you’ll have the OEM Partner installation packages available soon; I
    only see the 2013 OPK available at this time.

  2. ANGY OFFICE 2106 DELL BUYER oem says:

    SAME *** HERE. WHEN Will this be available

  3. found it go here for iso type image says:

  4. Sharpone says:

    The office 2013 15.4 OPK installs 2013, but activates 2016 which then downloads and installs the latest 2016 from online. I’ve tested this, and it works with a 2016 key for OEM.

  5. SkyBeam says:

    This is ridiculous. In January 2016 there is still no OPK for Office 2016. As an OEM I still have to install Office 2013 and let the customer upgrade and download the full Office 2016 package. Moreover since version 2013 it’s impossible to prepare a customer
    machine here before shipping to the customer (including office installation and actiavation) as the customer needs to connect it to his Microsoft Account. Which also prevents the user to sell it later on unless he is passing his complete account over to the
    new owner. This is impractical and nb. not even legal in my home country. The only work-around is to open a dummy Microsoft Account to install office and hand it over to the customer then. Totally ridiculous.

    At least many customers meanwhile are entirely fine with LibreOffice.

  6. Dave says:

    Very disappointed we still don’t have a OPK 5 months after Office 2016 was Released To Manufacturing. Just wasting time and bandwidth for our customers.

  7. SkyBeam says:

    I just noticed today that Microsoft seems to offer an OPK for Office 2016 now:

    I will try this soon. But still I think this should have been released much earlier. Moreover the OPK is still a bad solution for small OEMs like I am. I am working in project and end customer business and offering to pre-install and configure computers before
    I ship them to customer site and offer services like data migration, mail/calendar/contact synchronization etc. With Office 2013 and 2016 I cannot pre-install Office locally in the lab before I ship the machine as I can’t register it to the customer Microsoft
    Account. The only work-around is to open a dummy Microsoft Acuick and they even allow you to launch Office applications before Office is completely installed. But this is worth nothing on customer sites with no or slow internet connection and also does not
    allow me to pre-configure office according to customer requests like color scheme, custom settings etc. Instead I have to go to the customer and waste time on Office installation. Time I could use better during data migration and configuration.

    Even worse, most customers need help in installation of Microsoft Office. The procedure to log in on, eventually creating a microsoft account, adding the license key, selecting language, downloading installer, running installer and activating
    office is too complex for many of them. Or if they manage they create a new Microsoft account which they don’t remember later so there is no way to get access and re-install office on pc breakdown or similar.

    This is why many of my customers are meanwhile using LibreOffice. Simple, pre-installed and configured from my lab… just unbox and run.

    I loved the procedure on Office 2007 back in the days. I would unbox Office license here in the lab, install Office, run it, enter the key and that’s it. Even if I don’t have the key I was able to pre-intstall office and on customer site I would just have to
    fire up Office and enter the key once. Done.

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