Microsoft Takes Gaming to the Next Level at E3

What’s next in gaming and online entertainment? Find out at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which is now underway in Los Angeles! At Microsoft, we kicked things off on Tuesday by announcing a robust lineup of new Xbox 360 games, including a new installment of the blockbuster Halo franchise. We also unveiled new content and entertainment experiences for Xbox LIVE and smart devices.

Making its seventh appearance at E3, the Xbox 360 console is making a splash with a bundle of blockbuster game releases led by Halo 4 as well as new content coming to Xbox LIVE this fall which includes more movies, new and expanded television and sports partnerships (with NBA, NHL, ESPN and Monday Night Football joining the lineup), new apps and a new multi-device music service, Xbox Music.

What we’re really jazzed about though is a new set of entertainment experiences that will push Xbox farther into the living room, and onto PCs, tablets and phones. Xbox SmartGlass, which is an application for Windows 8, Windows Phone, and other portable devices, connects phones, PCs and tablets with your Xbox 360 console to make your entertainment smarter, more interactive and more fun. Xbox SmartGlass makes your entertainment more engaging, Web surfing more effortless, and playing games more immersive by delivering companion content and control to enhance your TV experience.

Since launching Xbox 360 in 2005, there have been 67 million consoles sold, and Xbox LIVE currently has 40 million customers. The company has also sold 19 million Kinects, the hands-free and voice controller that works with the console. We’re so excited to continue to shape and morph the gaming experience to be able to provide unique and engaging experiences for our customers that meet their needs. 

For more information of E3 and what’s coming up for Xbox, visit the Microsoft News Center. To check out some of the latest and greatest in gaming and entertainment, head to the local store in Lennox Square.

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