Becoming an WPA Xpert Part 12: Timing User Login Credentials (Sometimes it IS the user)

Hi everyone here is Randy Reyes with a much needed updated to our slow boot slow login (sbsl) series. It’s been a while since our last entry and I ran into an interesting customer question. Customer: Can we see how long takes an employee to type their user name and password? Randy: Thanks to WPT… Read more

Becoming an WPA Xpert Part 11: Troubleshooting Long Group Policy Processing

Hey Folks, Though I’ve blogged before here I have been a bit rude and never properly introduced myself. Hi, I am James Klepikow, a Senior Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft. Nice to meet all of you. One of the many issues we troubleshoot as Field Engineers is slow boot up time. As you can see… Read more

Becoming an WPA Xpert Part 10: WPR and the Command Line

Hey y’all, Mark back with another update in our now long running series, Becoming an Xperf Xpert. First some housekeeping. This series is going through a name change. As we wrote in Part 6 that Xperf is dead, long live Xperf! It was time to start using Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA). All posts since then… Read more

Becoming an Xperf Xpert Part 9: Where’s My Network? (With Stack Walk)

Hi everyone Randolph (Randy) Reyes with another SBSL blog post. In this particular engagement we went onsite to deliver a workshop in how to utilize the Windows Performance Toolkit (XPERF) to detect slow boot and slow logon issues. The Before PreSMSS SMSSInit WinlogonInit ExplorerInit Post Boot 8.165 2.454 63.305 1.950 11.400 Boot to Post Boot… Read more

Another Troubleshooting Adventure: More Real Life Memory Pool Leaks

Hello all, Jesse Esquivel here again with another post I hope you find useful. This post is a great complement to Jerry Devore's post on diagnosing a leak in non paged pool using event viewer, poolmon, and perfmon! Today I’m going to talk about analysis of a leak in paged pool kernel memory and the… Read more

Becoming an Xperf Xpert Part 8: Long Service Load, Never Jump to Conclusions

Hi everyone Randolph (Randy) Reyes with another SBSL blog post. In this particular engagement we were able to be more proactive, our job was to check and verified a Windows 7 image prior of mass deployment all around the world. When arriving onsite we notice that 1,000 Windows 7 machines were already deployed and 7,000… Read more

Becoming an Xperf Xpert Part 7: Slow Profile Load and Our Very First Stack Walk

Hi my name is Randolph Reyes (Randy) with my first blog contribution! I am Premier Field Engineer specializing in Active Directory and Windows Desktop. Today I will like to share a recent trace taken from a Windows 7 system. In this particular engagement WD RAP as a Service+ we detected almost all the Windows 7… Read more

Becoming an Xperf Xpert Part 6: RIP Xperf. Time to Learn Windows Performance Analyzer!

Hey y’all Mark here with a post we should have written a long time ago. I obviously will blame someone else. It’s probably Tom Moser’s fault. Anyway, for those that have been fighting the good fight against SBSL and reading our blog you are probably very familiar with the tool Xperf. We’ve done five posts… Read more

Troubleshooting Windows Performance Issues Using the Windows Performance Recorder

One of the great things about the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit is the Windows Performance Toolkit. The toolkit, itself, has a subset of tools that produce in-depth performance profiles of Windows operating systems and applications. If you are familiar with the older versions of the Windows Performance Toolkit obtained from the Windows 7 SDK, you know… Read more

Slow Boot Slow Login (SBSL) Hotfix Rollup for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Available Today!

Hey y’all, Mark here with some great news. A massive Slow Boot Slow Login (SBSL) hotfix rollup for enterprises that includes 90 post Windows 7/2008 R2  hotfixes is available for download. The hotfixes focus on performance (Hooray!) and stability (Hooray again!). There are improvements to the DFSN client, Folder Redirection, Offline Files and Folders, WMI, and… Read more