Building out labs

Hi Matthew Walker here again. So in the course of learning the new features of Windows Server 2016 it is very useful to be to be able to have an environment built out quickly. There are multiple ways to address this. My co-worker Jaromir has his way which is built upon I’m going to… Read more

Resetting the Local Admin Name and Password for Azure ARM Virtual Machines with PowerShell

Hi there, this is JJ Streicher-Bremer, saying hello from Azureland.   When one creates a virtual machine in the Azure portal a username and password are required. This username and password are used by the Azure fabric to configure the local administrator account on that virtual machine.   I don’t know about you, but sometimes… Read more

Scheduling Start and Stop Times for Azure VMs

Here in PFE, we LOVE our labs. That should be apparent by all the posts we have on the subject. Labs are the best way to dig in and discover how things really work before going into production, or if you are just curious about how something looks or functions. We’ve had several posts on… Read more