Active Directory Risk Assessments – Lessons and Tips from the Field – Volume #1?

Greetings – Hilde here to pass along some wisdom for AD shops everywhere. Recently, I was part of a conversation with a handful of true Active Directory rock-stars here in Premier Field Engineering who have done a lot of AD Risk Assessment Program (RAP) deliveries. As a reminder, the “RAP as a Service” delivery includes a very… Read more

Mailbag: Return of the Mailbag Returns

Hey y’all, Mark and Tom back here with the return of the mailbag returns. Give yourself 5 internet points if you get that Simpsons reference. Before today our mailbag posts were very random and we are trying to get on a more regular mailbag posting schedule. The key word in that sentence would be trying… Read more

Fixing When Your Domain Traveled Back In Time, the Great System Time Rollback to the Year 2000

  Hey y’all, Mark back again with some more detail around what to when the system time rollback to November 19th 2000, caused Active Directory replication and other time-sensitive operations to fail in your environment. This post contains guidance by a small army of Microsoft PFEs, support professionals and developers. If you have any questions about… Read more

Did Your Active Directory Domain Time Just Jump To The Year 2000?

Hey y’all, Mark here providing an AskPFEPlat late night PSA. We are seeing some reports that some Active Directory Domains times reverting to November 2000. So what just happened? I thought the Mayans said this type of stuff didn’t happen until December. UPDATE: We’ve provided more guidance around this topic, read at UPDATE: If you… Read more