Is Group Policy Slowing Me Down?

Hello all, Nathan Penn back again to cover one of the more frequently brought up topics: System bootup and user logon performance – Specifically “Is group policy slowing me down in my environment?” Luckily, if we know where to look we can get right to that answer quickly. To start, let clarify a couple of… Read more

10 Tips and Tricks from the Field

Hello All. The AskPFEPlat team is here today with you in force. Recently we put together 10 Tips and Tricks from the Field – a collection of tips and tricks in our tool belt that we use on occasion. We wanted share these with all our readers in-an-effort to make your day a little easier…. Read more

WPT: Peeking at Logon Delays

Hi everyone, Randolph Reyes (Randy) here with another blog contribution. In this particular engagement, I was working doing an Active Directory Offline Security Assessment (awesome delivery), and one employee with knowledge of using Windows Performance Toolkit stopped me on my way to lunch. Customer: Can we see how long takes an employee to type their… Read more

The Startup Script is Dead

Get ready to have an opinion! Matthew Reynolds ( here with my personal advice (not announcing any product changes) about which configuration vectors are working well and which are not—for today and tomorrow’s enterprises. Any of these sound familiar? · “I need to run <insert IT task> on every PC in the organization.” · “Our… Read more

Becoming an WPA Xpert Part 12: Timing User Login Credentials (Sometimes it IS the user)

Hi everyone here is Randy Reyes with a much needed updated to our slow boot slow login (sbsl) series. It’s been a while since our last entry and I ran into an interesting customer question. Customer: Can we see how long takes an employee to type their user name and password? Randy: Thanks to WPT… Read more

Mailbag: New Year New Questions (Issue #5)

Hey y'all, Mark and Tom and some new members to AskPFEPlat to tackle your questions in the new year. Hope everyone was able to take some time off and re-charge. How are those new year's resolutions going? Be healthier? Read more? Learn a new technology? Get certified? More on that later. By this point in… Read more

Becoming an WPA Xpert Part 11: Troubleshooting Long Group Policy Processing

Hey Folks, Though I’ve blogged before here I have been a bit rude and never properly introduced myself. Hi, I am James Klepikow, a Senior Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft. Nice to meet all of you. One of the many issues we troubleshoot as Field Engineers is slow boot up time. As you can see… Read more

A 5 Second Boot Optimization If You’ve Disabled IPv6 on Windows Client and Server by setting DisabledComponents to 0xFFFFFFFF

Hey, y’all, Mark back with some new info on two of my favorite topics, IPv6 and Slow Boot Slow Logon (SBSL). If you’ve disabled IPv6 long ago this post is one you’ll want to pay attention to. Let’s dig in and get you up to speed. What’s Microsoft Recommend Setting for IPv6? The long standing… Read more

Becoming an WPA Xpert Part 10: WPR and the Command Line

Hey y’all, Mark back with another update in our now long running series, Becoming an Xperf Xpert. First some housekeeping. This series is going through a name change. As we wrote in Part 6 that Xperf is dead, long live Xperf! It was time to start using Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA). All posts since then… Read more

Becoming an Xperf Xpert Part 9: Where’s My Network? (With Stack Walk)

Hi everyone Randolph (Randy) Reyes with another SBSL blog post. In this particular engagement we went onsite to deliver a workshop in how to utilize the Windows Performance Toolkit (XPERF) to detect slow boot and slow logon issues. The Before PreSMSS SMSSInit WinlogonInit ExplorerInit Post Boot 8.165 2.454 63.305 1.950 11.400 Boot to Post Boot… Read more