Top Ten Issues with Active Directory Trusts and Corporate Mergers

Hey Everyone. Randy, Premier Field Engineer, here to discuss some lessons learned from working with a recent merger between two corporations. I don’t have enough time or space to go into the details of this major endeavor, so I am going to talk about this experience with a “Top Ten Countdown” style BLOG POST. I’m… Read more

Preparing for DAC

Hello everyone. This is Randy Turner to share some insights learned with implementing Dynamic Access Control (DAC.) There are numerous posts which I will share at the end to discuss the steps to implement all the features covered by DAC, but very little on how to adopt these changes. DAC is just an outcome from… Read more

Server 2012 PKI Key Based Renewal Explained

Hello everybody, Randy here. I am new to the PFE role, but have a number of BLOG Posts under my belt from my time as a CTS engineer for the Directory Services team. One of my first tasks as a PFE was to clarify some features available in Server 2012 AD Certificate Services. This BLOG… Read more