Mailbag – Holiday 2015 Edition

Season’s Greetings from the AskPFEPlat PFEs! A solid Mailbag today with items from Paul Bergson, Rick Bergman, Matthew Walker, Mike Kline and Mike Hildebrand. Also an AskPFEPlat alum – Mark Morowczynski – has started making Permanent Waves over in Azure AD land (did you catch the Rush reference I snuck in there? J) Let’s roll…… Read more

Duplicate SPN Errors, Active Directory Migration Tools, and KB 3070083

Hello, Chad Munkelt here with my very first post for the Ask PFE Platforms blog. I wanted to discuss a new hotfix that Microsoft released recently: This hotfix was created to address an issue with Active Directory migration tools that receive a duplicate Service Principle Name (SPN) error when trying to migrate users or… Read more

Mailbag: The Windows 10 Double-Bubble Edition (Issue #13)

Welcome to the last Friday before Windows 10 launches! If you’ve been playing along at home, you likely realized that we did a mailbag post just a few days ago – on Monday of this week. Well, what can we say? It’s busy-times here at Microsoft.  Many of us are involved in some form of… Read more

DNS Policies in Windows Server 2016 Tech Preview 2

Hello – Gary Green and Mike Kline here to bring you Ask PFE Plat’s very first post regarding Windows Server 2016 (well, Technical Preview #2, to be specific)! Over the years, Microsoft Windows Server DNS has provided excellent functionality and a frequently-expanding feature-set for our customers.  Our friends in the DNS Product Group are hard at… Read more

Mailbag: New Year New Questions (Issue #5)

Hey y'all, Mark and Tom and some new members to AskPFEPlat to tackle your questions in the new year. Hope everyone was able to take some time off and re-charge. How are those new year's resolutions going? Be healthier? Read more? Learn a new technology? Get certified? More on that later. By this point in… Read more