The Riverbed Field Guide for the AD Admin

Unexpected TCP resets, intermittent “Network Path Not Found”, and SMB dialects being downgraded. These errors point to something very odd and potentially very bad, happening on the network. If you are like many AD administrators, at the first sign of network impropriety, you likely engage the network team and request the network issues be addressed…. Read more

How to find expensive, inefficient and long running LDAP queries in Active Directory

Hey y’all, Mark back again. I’d like to say in my best TV show announcer voice, we have a real treat for you today. Have you ever wondered what clients were sending expensive or inefficient LDAP queries to your domain controllers? Are long running LDAP queries possibly leading to poor server application performance or even… Read more

MCM: Active Directory Indexing For the Masses

Hi dudes and dudettes! Adrian Corona here. I’m a transactional PFE at Microsoft and I’m really excited because this is my first blog post ever, it’s a doosey so I hope you’re not limited on your data plan. I’ll be adding to the MCM (Microsoft Certified Master) blog post series with a topic that doesn’t… Read more