Mailbag: Hi Mom! (Issue #12)

Greetings all – Mike Hildebrand, Mike Kline and a few others here with some musings for an out of sorts “Monday Mailbag.”    It’s the end of an era… Last week, Windows Server 2003 reached its “End of Extended Support” date (July 14, 2015). Hopefully, you have mostly fond memories of it; I know I… Read more

Mailbag: Superbowl Superbag (Issue #6)

 Hey y'all, Mark, Tom and Lakshman are back for another mailbag. All of our NFL teams are out of the playoffs but I promise you this mailbag meets the proper inflation requirements for a blog post. Sorry Boston I had to.  Ok let’s jump into it.   Web Application Proxy Cert Renewal Static IPs on… Read more

Mailbag: So Far Off To a Good Start (Issue #2)

Hey y’all, Mark and Tom back with our second Friday mailbag. So far so good on trying to keep our regularly scheduled mailbags. We even got a few other PFEs to join in for this one so let’s get right to it. This post will cover the following. Hosting DNS in something other than Active… Read more

Surface Pro 3 Hibernation Update You’ll Want To Apply

Hey folks Joao Botto with a quick link to some very important Surface Pro 3 information that Scott McArthur published on the AskCore blog: If have used a Surface Pro 3 you may have noticed that after 4h of sleep it just goes into hibernation by default. That is because (1) It wakes up… Read more

How to Update the Surface Pro 3 Firmware Offline using a USB Drive

Today’s blog post is a collaboration between our PFE group and premier support. Joao Botto (PFE), Kyle Blagg (PFE), and Scott McArthur (Support) are writing about their favorite device. You will see this post in the askpfeplat and askcore blogs. Some of you may know that we launched Surface Pro 3 before its gigabit network… Read more

MDT 2013 – Part II: Create a Deployment Task Sequence and Deploy a Custom Windows Server 2012 R2 Base OS Image

Hey there Mike Hildebrand here with Part Two of this MDT series. To catch up, go here and read Part One and then come back … Picking up where we left off, we had MDT setup and running and we'd captured an image of a reference server system. In Part Two, we'll create a… Read more

How to Use The Same External Ethernet Adapter For Multiple SCCM OSD

UPDATE (11/12/2015): We have heard some reports of this script not working for some Windows 10 deployments, and we are currently investigating that situation. In the meantime, our SCCM gurus Wilhelm Kocher and Frank Rojas have found another solution for this scenario, that we think you may find easier than the one described in this… Read more

Bitlocker PIN on Surface Pro 3 and Other Tablets

Hey guys, here’s Joao Botto again. You may already know that I spend most of my time helping customers be safe and productive with Windows 8.1. Some of you may also have seen my name associated with Device Deployment – specifically Surface Pro. So here’s a post that discusses pre-boot recommendations for encrypted tablets. “To… Read more

Exploring Windows 8.1 Update – Start Screen, Desktop and Other Enhancements

Welcome to Ask PFE Plat's coverage of the next chapter in Microsoft's on-going refinement of Windows. As with 8.1, we continue to evolve and improve the OS and last week, at the Build 2014 conference, we released "Windows 8.1 Update" to MSDN. On Tuesday, April 8th, the Update will be released to the Windows Update… Read more

How to setup Assigned Access in Windows 8.1 (Kiosk Mode!)

Hey, here’s Joao again. My inbox has been filled with Windows 8.1 related e-mails, and I decided to talk to you about a much requested feature that finally saw the light of day. Have you heard of Assigned Access? Maybe you have heard of the scenario it implements: Kiosk mode! So far your only option… Read more