Finding Pesky Stale DNS SRV Records

  Good day to you all – Dougga here with a simple post today using tools you know.   Stale DNS SRV records are common due to no scavenging on DNS zones and each zone has to be setup correctly to have this happen. So, I have often found the "" setup correctly, but the… Read more

So….. You THINK you Removed DNS from Your Server

Hi, my name is Doug Gabbard and also a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) with Microsoft for about the past 8 years.  I hope to add to the Ask PFE Platform blog with the others already here.  I get the opportunity to see challenges our customers face and how they resolve them.  I hope to share… Read more

Am I Seeing Double? The case of "Multiple copies of the same DNS zone"

Introduction With the introduction of Windows 2003 and the new DNS application partitions, I have helped numerous customers resolve the issue of having multiple copies of the same DNS zone. So, today we’re going to cover the following:         1.) What exactly does this mean?         2.) What are the symptoms?         3.) How does… Read more