ADFS Deep-Dive: Troubleshooting

Just in case if you haven’t seen this series, I’ve been writing an ADFS Deep-Dive series for the past 10 months. Here are links to the previous articles: ADFS Deep-Dive- Primer ADFS Deep-Dive- Comparing WS-Fed, SAML, and OAuth ADFS Deep Dive- Planning and Design Considerations ADFS Deep Dive- Certificate Planning ADFS Deep-Dive- Onboarding Applications Before… Read more

ADFS Deep-Dive: Onboarding Applications

I’m back with the onboarding of applications post I promised. Of all my ADFS work I’m performed over the last several years, the one reoccurring pain point that customers have is onboarding applications to ADFS. The reason this typically happens to because the ADFS admins don’t usually know what the application owners needs and vice-versa…. Read more

ADFS Deep Dive: Certificate Planning

The last blog was about planning for ADFS and what questions you should be asking when deploying it. I said that the next blog would be about what conversations and questions you should have with the application owners. After some thought, I’ve changed my mind and decided to write about certificate planning. During almost… Read more

Mailbag: Tech the Halls (Issue #4)

Hey y’all, Mark, Tom and the AskPFEPlat crew back for our last mailbag of 2014. It’s getting around the holidays, lots of people start to take vacation including myself. But don’t worry we’re really starting to get into a good rhythm with these posts and it’s looking like we’ll stick with this experiment for 2015…. Read more

ADFS Deep Dive: Planning and Design Considerations

  In the previous blog post on comparing sign-in protocols, the goal was to give you a primer on the terminology so when we start talking about WS-FED or SAML, you have an idea of what we’re talking about. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s available here: In this blog, we’re going to… Read more

Mailbag: So Far Off To a Good Start (Issue #2)

Hey y’all, Mark and Tom back with our second Friday mailbag. So far so good on trying to keep our regularly scheduled mailbags. We even got a few other PFEs to join in for this one so let’s get right to it. This post will cover the following. Hosting DNS in something other than Active… Read more

ADFS Deep-Dive: Comparing WS-Fed, SAML, and OAuth

David Gregory back again for another blog on federation and sign-in protocols. Explaining federation so that people can truly understand it isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts, various technologies, and sea of acronyms that many times don’t make sense. When I first started learning about federation, I was drowning in these acronyms… Read more

ADFS Deep-Dive: Primer

Disclaimer: Some concepts have been simplified until I’m ready to cover them in more detail. This is Dave Gregory, back from a blogging hiatus. 🙂 Just in case if you haven’t seen this series, I’ve been writing an ADFS Deep-Dive series for the past 10 months. Here are links to the previous articles: ADFS Deep-Dive:… Read more

MCM: Core Active Directory Internals

Disclaimer: For brevity and to get some key points across, quite a bit of detail about about Active Directory, the underlying database, and replication have been purposely ommitted from this blog.  Part 1 – MCM – So You Want to be a Master, eh? Now, there is no possible way to cover every possible detail from… Read more

MCM: So You Want to Be a Active Directory Master, eh?

Back in February 2012, I was lucky enough to take part in the Windows 2008 R2 Directory Services Masters class and I promised that I would blog about my experience. Consequently, this will probably turn into another series as I wouldn’t do it any justice by only writing one entry about it.   Introduction For… Read more