Windows Azure + Virtualization = A Lab (in the Clouds) for Every IT Pro

"The Cloud" is here to stay. Businesses continue asking questions to their IT departments and wondering out loud: "Are we 'Cloud-ready' and if not, when will we be?" "What apps can we port to The Cloud right now? Next 6-12 months?" "How will we use The Cloud to reduce costs or improve service levels –… Read more

MCM: Active Directory Indexing For the Masses

Hi dudes and dudettes! Adrian Corona here. I’m a transactional PFE at Microsoft and I’m really excited because this is my first blog post ever, it’s a doosey so I hope you’re not limited on your data plan. I’ll be adding to the MCM (Microsoft Certified Master) blog post series with a topic that doesn’t… Read more

MCM: Core Active Directory Internals

Disclaimer: For brevity and to get some key points across, quite a bit of detail about about Active Directory, the underlying database, and replication have been purposely ommitted from this blog.  Part 1 – MCM – So You Want to be a Master, eh? Now, there is no possible way to cover every possible detail from… Read more

MCM: So You Want to Be a Active Directory Master, eh?

Back in February 2012, I was lucky enough to take part in the Windows 2008 R2 Directory Services Masters class and I promised that I would blog about my experience. Consequently, this will probably turn into another series as I wouldn’t do it any justice by only writing one entry about it.   Introduction For… Read more