Becoming a Premier Field Engineer 2.0 Cloud/Azure Edition

Greg Jaworski here again after a long blogging hiatus. Several years back I wrote a popular blog post about becoming a Premier Field Engineer ( To do this day I still get comments and meet people who have been hired by Microsoft who have read that post. I felt it was due for a follow-up…. Read more

Attending Microsoft Ignite? A Local’s Guide to Chicago

Hey y’all, Mark back again this time with a completely non-technical post. As you’ve probably heard by now, Microsoft Ignite is taking place in Chicago May 4-8th. This is great news as many of us from this blog actually live in Chicago and hope to see some of you folks there! I also know sometimes… Read more

Mailbag: Return of the Mailbag Returns

Hey y’all, Mark and Tom back here with the return of the mailbag returns. Give yourself 5 internet points if you get that Simpsons reference. Before today our mailbag posts were very random and we are trying to get on a more regular mailbag posting schedule. The key word in that sentence would be trying… Read more

Alternative Microsoft Training Options, Many Free!

Written by Dan Cuomo & Scott Simkins | Microsoft Platforms Premier Field Engineers and 1st Time AskPFEPlat Bloggers Hi Fellow IT Pros, All too often we hear a common phrase from our customers, “I need to get spun up on…” IT professionals often struggle to keep up with, or try to stay ahead of, the… Read more

Want a Free Hands-on Expert Training on Windows Azure?

Check out this great one-day free TechNet training event opportunity at a city near you.     What: Join local Microsoft cloud experts for a free one day IT Camp on Windows Azure. You’ll hear the latest on the Microsoft cloud platform, dive deep into Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, and participate in hands-on labs that… Read more

Common Mistakes When Troubleshooting Critical System Issues

Hey y’all Mark here again. A lot of the content we provide here on this blog is to keep you guys ahead of potential issues that can arise and also explain how things work in the field. Doing education like this gives you the ability to investigate "possible hiccups" before they become "giant eruptions of… Read more

Finding User Groups, Finding Speakers and Project Aware

Hey y’all, Mark here again with some info I think our readers will like to get involved with and one that is near and dear to my heart. That is IT User Groups and community as a whole. I know I’m a sap like that. Back before I was a “blue badge” (aka an MS… Read more

PFE Sessions At Tech Ed 2013 and The Krewe

Hey y’all, Mark here with a real quick post. For our readers that are at Tech Ed 2013 in New Orleans (home of everyone’s favorite X-Men Gambit). We got several PFEs delivering sessions that you should check out if you get the chance. Make sure you go up to them after the session and tell… Read more

The Most Popular Posts of 2012

Hey y’all, Mark here again. Another year has come to an end, the Mayans were wrong and we started to look back on what our most popular post of the last year were. For you long time readers (AD MVP Mike Kline, our very first comment) this will be a trip down memory lane. For… Read more

Windows Azure + Virtualization = A Lab (in the Clouds) for Every IT Pro

"The Cloud" is here to stay. Businesses continue asking questions to their IT departments and wondering out loud: "Are we 'Cloud-ready' and if not, when will we be?" "What apps can we port to The Cloud right now? Next 6-12 months?" "How will we use The Cloud to reduce costs or improve service levels –… Read more