Single Host Shielded VMs Lab/PoC

Hi, Matthew Walker again. Virtualization and High Availability PFE. Recently I worked with a few of my co-workers to present a lab on building out Shielded VMs and I thought this would be useful for those of you out there wanting to test this out in a lab environment. First a little backstory on Shielded… Read more

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM v2.5) Tips

The goal of this blog is to share some information learned (the hard way) from recent customer engagement. Hopefully these tips will save you time and accelerate future MBAM deployments. MBAM has dependencies on SQL Server, IIS web services and Active Directory. As a result, it’s important to set expectations up front regarding collaboration needs… Read more

The Most Popular Posts of 2014

Hey y’all, Mark back again to help close out another successful year of blogging. We’ve been at this for three years, which feels insanely long as well as feeling like this just started up a few weeks ago, which is weird. Trust me. We want to thank you the reader again for sticking with us… Read more

Bitlocker PIN on Surface Pro 3 and Other Tablets

Hey guys, here’s Joao Botto again. You may already know that I spend most of my time helping customers be safe and productive with Windows 8.1. Some of you may also have seen my name associated with Device Deployment – specifically Surface Pro. So here’s a post that discusses pre-boot recommendations for encrypted tablets. “To… Read more

How to Enable User-Based Control/Enforcement of BitLocker on Removable Data Drives

Hi readers, John Sanz here. A customer of mine came to me with a business requirement that couldn’t be satisfied out of the box, so I thought I would share the solution with you. The business requirement was that they needed to be able to enforce BitLocker encryption on Removable drives by users, instead of… Read more