Infrastructure + Security: Noteworthy News (October, 2018)

Hi there! Stanislav Belov here, bringing you the next issue of the Infrastructure + Security: Noteworthy News series!   As a reminder, the Noteworthy News series covers various areas, to include interesting news, announcements, links, tips and tricks from Windows, Azure, and Security worlds on a monthly basis. Microsoft Azure Announcing New Module ‘Az’ In August… Read more

ADFS: Monitoring a Relying Party for Certificate Changes

Howdy folks! Michele Ferrari here from the Premier Field Engineer-Identity Team in San Francisco, here today to talk about ADFS Monitoring settings for Claims Provider Trust and Relying Party Trust. This is the question we’re going to answer today as part of the Mix and Match series: How can we Monitor when our partners’ Identity… Read more

Convert a Managed Domain in Azure AD to a Federated Domain using ADFS for On-Premises Authentication – Step by Step

Hi all! I am Bill Kral, a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer, here again to give you the steps to convert your on-premises Managed domain to a Federated domain in your Azure AD tenant this time. Here is the link to my previous blog on how to convert from a Federated to Managed domain: Convert a… Read more

ADFS: Excluding a Specific User Group from MFA

Hi there, JJ Streicher-Bremer back again, this time talking about ADFS and multi-factor authentication. I had a need to configure an environment where everyone was required to use multi-factor authentication _except_ for folks in a specific AD group. When looking at the ADFS 3.0 MFA configuration GUI there is a simple way to add users… Read more

ADFS Deep-Dive: Troubleshooting

Just in case if you haven’t seen this series, I’ve been writing an ADFS Deep-Dive series for the past 10 months. Here are links to the previous articles: ADFS Deep-Dive- Primer ADFS Deep-Dive- Comparing WS-Fed, SAML, and OAuth ADFS Deep Dive- Planning and Design Considerations ADFS Deep Dive- Certificate Planning ADFS Deep-Dive- Onboarding Applications Before… Read more

Mailbag: All ADFS All The Time (Issue #11)

Hey y’all Mark and Tom here. Thinks are starting to return to normal so hopefully we should be back to a regular posting schedule. Tom should have some more time since HIS hockey team is already out of the playoffs while mine continues to march on. This mailbag is chalked full of ADFS goodness. Let’s… Read more

Mailbag: Opening Day (Issue #10)

  Hey y’all Mark and Tom here. Bet you thought we’d miss this week too.  We’ve been a bit busy over here so that would mostly explain it. That and I’m in two fantasy baseball leagues this year. My nerdiness extends into sports as well thank you very much. Tom was doing something nerdy as… Read more

Mailbag: Starting To Get The Hang Of This (Issue #9)

Hey y’all Mark, Tom and Hilde back for another mailbag Friday. Keep the questions coming and we’ll keep answering them. This week we are getting back into the Hyper-V pool and always some ADFS goodness. Let’s get into it. FREE Security & The Cloud Virtual Event Domain Admin credentials while installing ADFS .NET versions and… Read more

ADFS Deep-Dive: Onboarding Applications

I’m back with the onboarding of applications post I promised. Of all my ADFS work I’m performed over the last several years, the one reoccurring pain point that customers have is onboarding applications to ADFS. The reason this typically happens to because the ADFS admins don’t usually know what the application owners needs and vice-versa…. Read more

Mailbag: Hildebrand from Azure Land (Issue #8)

Hey y’all, Mark, Tom and Hilde back for another mailbag. Astute readers and or those that have access to a calendar will notice we may have missed a week in our regular posting schedule. I’m not one to point fingers but I will say that Tom was supposed to send over his questions before he… Read more