Nerd Achievement Unlocked: We’re On Hey Scripting Guy!

Hey y’all, Mark here with a quick post. A while back Tom Moser and I wrote a powershell script to help backup and remove ADM files. and   We were asked by Hey Scripting Guy to do a more detailed write up on how we went about writing this script so we went… Read more

Thoughts on the Central Certificate Store Feature in Windows Server 2012

One common and potentially time consuming administrative task I hear my customers discuss is maintenance of SSL certificates on large Web farms (initial set up, renewals, etc.). These Web farms can be for Outlook Web Access, Ecommerce, intranet pages, etc. One of the new features we added in IIS8 in Windows Server 2012 is Central… Read more

The Most Popular Posts of 2012

Hey y’all, Mark here again. Another year has come to an end, the Mayans were wrong and we started to look back on what our most popular post of the last year were. For you long time readers (AD MVP Mike Kline, our very first comment) this will be a trip down memory lane. For… Read more

Central Store and ADM Removal Q&A (with an updated script!)

We’ve recently received some great feedback from several customers and other PFEs on the ADM template post that Mark and I wrote a month or two back. I thought I’d take some time to respond to some of those questions and to post an updated version of the script. Going forward, we plan to spend… Read more

How to Implement the Central Store for Group Policy Admin Templates, Completely (Hint: Remove Those .ADM files!)

  Pre Req: This post assumes you are not using the TS method of managing GPOs documented, at In the field we commonly see two scenarios around the Central Store for Group Policy administrative templates. The first is that the Group Policy Central Store does not exist, meaning that the Policy Definitions folder with… Read more