No Excuses! You Need a Lab for Active Directory 2012.

Many posts that can be found on the new features of directory services on Windows 2012 both from Microsoft and from others. However, you need to get your hands on the features to learn them. Like other PFE that post on this blog I get to talk to you when I am on site. One… Read more

Quick Reference: Troubleshooting Netlogon Error Codes

Hi this is Brandon Wilson and today I will be providing you with a quick reference for troubleshooting Netlogon error codes. I say “quick reference” very loosely here, because this is one of those sticky subjects that can easily expand into many more areas and become a very long discussion. So, I’m going to do… Read more

MailBag: Should Servers Be Restarted As Soon As Possible After Updates Or Okay To Wait?

Happy last Friday of January to all that read our Ask PFE Platforms blog!  This afternoon’s post is based on a submission to the Ask PFE Platforms Mail Bag.  The chosen question was submitted using the Contact tile just to the right of this article when viewed from our TechNet blog. Question Is it necessary to… Read more

Thoughts on the Central Certificate Store Feature in Windows Server 2012

One common and potentially time consuming administrative task I hear my customers discuss is maintenance of SSL certificates on large Web farms (initial set up, renewals, etc.). These Web farms can be for Outlook Web Access, Ecommerce, intranet pages, etc. One of the new features we added in IIS8 in Windows Server 2012 is Central… Read more

Fun and Games Active Directory Password Policies

Hi All! DougG here to share some insight on password policies – enjoy. We were all excited when Windows 2008 Domain Functional level introduced FGPP (Fine Grained Password Policies). After several years in the field I have not seen abuse of this feature. In-fact, I am pleased to share that those using the FGPP are… Read more

The Most Popular Posts of 2012

Hey y’all, Mark here again. Another year has come to an end, the Mayans were wrong and we started to look back on what our most popular post of the last year were. For you long time readers (AD MVP Mike Kline, our very first comment) this will be a trip down memory lane. For… Read more

What is RAP as a Service? Is That a Real Acronym?

I hope you enjoy the blogs we provide at AskPFEPlat.  We love sharing our passion for Microsoft Technologies.  But, believe it or not, we do have day jobs.  As Premier Field Engineers we spend most of our time with Microsoft Premier Support customers, helping them learn, test, deploy and troubleshoot the technology.  It’s this hands-on… Read more

Windows Azure + Virtualization = A Lab (in the Clouds) for Every IT Pro

"The Cloud" is here to stay. Businesses continue asking questions to their IT departments and wondering out loud: "Are we 'Cloud-ready' and if not, when will we be?" "What apps can we port to The Cloud right now? Next 6-12 months?" "How will we use The Cloud to reduce costs or improve service levels –… Read more

How To Use Common Active Directory Commands In PowerShell

Hey y’all, Mark here with a quick post that all you PowerShell slackers should check out. Ashley McGlone aka GoateePFE (I’ve seen his goatee in real life and it is magnificent)  has written up a nice little doc to help you finally let go of all your old commands for Active Directory and how to do the exact… Read more

Windows Server 2012: Does ReFS replace NTFS? When should I use it?

When I first heard of ReFS my immediate first question was whether ReFS as a file system was a direct replacement for NTFS. It didn’t take long before my customers began to ask me the same question. In learning about this new file system in Windows Server 2012, it became apparent fairly quickly that ReFS,… Read more