Becoming an Xperf Xpert Part 4: What Did the WDIService Host Ever Do To You?

  Hey y’all, Mark here again with another real world WDRAP (Windows Desktop Risk Assessment Program) case. I’ll be spending 6 of my next 8 weeks performing WDRAPs, and it seems these blogs are helping my customers look deeper into Windows client performance. Imagine how many skeletons we can pull out of your desktop closet… Read more

Want Remote PowerShell Management from your browser? See how PowerShell Web Access in Windows Server 2012 may help…

  Hello, Rick here to talk about how you can use the new PowerShell Web Access (PSWA) feature in Windows Server 2012 to allow remote administrative access to a set of servers in your IT infrastructure. Furthermore, you can granularly delegate access and only expose specific administrative privileges to different levels of support teams in… Read more

VSS timeouts during backup? What could contribute to that?

Volume Snapshot Services (VSS) was and remains a good addition to the Windows OS. Without going into a lot of detail, this technology coordinates various components to ensure stable point-in-time backups even while applications may be running. Typically, this occurs successfully with only minimal interruption to the application. On occasion there can be problems taking… Read more

How many Windows Server 2012 domain controllers do I need initially and where should I put them?

Following up on Greg Jaworski’s great post from last week where he talked about how to promote a domain controller in Windows Server 2012, today we will cover some thoughts around where to place your first Windows Server 2012 DCs and how many to plan on rolling out at once.  This blog post is meant… Read more

Introducing the first Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome to part two of this blog where we discuss promoting a Domain Controller with Windows PowerShell. We also discuss how you can do the prerequisites checks before introducing the first Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller. Promoting a Domain Controller with PowerShell Just like in the GUI you will want to install the Active Directory… Read more

Introducing the first Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller (Part 1 of 2)

**Update – Before you introduce that first 2012 DC view our new series on AD upgrades** Upgrading or Migrating Active Directory to Windows Server 2012 – Build Your Roadmap Now Upgrade Active Directory to Windows Server 2012 – Phase 1: Assessment   Greg Jaworski here again to discuss introducing the first Windows Server 2012 Domain… Read more

Welcome to Server Manager … 2012-style

Well, another summer has passed, kids are back in school and the folks here at Microsoft have been reeeeeeally busy getting the final touches on many, many new products. One of those new products is our newest server Operating System – Windows Server 2012. In case you hadn’t heard, it recently was RTM’d (Released to… Read more

Looking for Trouble? Jump into the IP Info Weeds with PowerShell

Fellow PFE and blogger Michael “Hilde” Hildebrand makes a great case for being able to inventory the IP configuration of your hosts – especially those that have static IP configurations (like most of your servers). For example, audit the DNS server search order (primary and secondary DNS servers) across dozens of your servers. Based on… Read more

How Many Coffees Can You Drink While Windows 7 Boots?

Hey y’all, Mark here again with a quick post. Did you attend Tech Ed this year but miss a chance to see Xperf stealing the show? Great news, the session is online along with many others!       This is a great session led by Stephen Rose ( @stephenlrose), PFE’s own Matthew Reynolds who… Read more

Becoming an Xperf Xpert Part 3: The Case of When Auto “wait for it” Logon is Slow

Hey y’all, Mark here again with an interesting “Real World” XPerf trace from the depths of a WDRAP (Windows Desktop Risk Assessment). If your infrastructure hasn’t had a WDRAP yet, or it’s been a while, work with your Technical Account Manager to see if you can schedule one. I highly recommend it as a great… Read more