Its Moving Day for AskPFEPlat!

Hello world! Brandon Wilson, Sr PFE, excited to be here with you yet again! Today’s post is a different kind of post, one that, for me personally, tugs a bit at my heart strings. Today I am here to announce that AskPFEPlat will be closing its doors on TechNet (effective June 17, 2019); it has certainly been a long run since that first post in 2011. We aren’t going away though, we have simply moved to a new location, and due to team growth, integration, and everything else that’s happened over our long run on TechNet, we are also rebranding to be the Core Infrastructure and Security (CIS) blog team.

If you haven’t happened to have noticed the over 450 banners at the top of all of our posts for the last few months, we have moved to the Core Infrastructure and Security TechCommunity on the site. I’ll go ahead and apologize for those header eye sores now…a few months late, but better late than never, right?!.

Rest assured, everything authored by AskPFEPlat over the years has been migrated and is available right now, as I type and as you read, over at! As a part of this migration, we have also joined forces with numerous other blog teams to extend our reach and content impact for our readers. So, if you haven’t already, please bookmark the site and visit us just as often as you have over the years!

You will find that most blog content from the majority of blogs on TechNet and MSDN are migrating over to the TechCommunity site, as TechNet and MSDN blog sites will be going into read-only/archive mode, also effective June 20, 2019. Speaking of which, if you happened to run across any blog content you expected to find but ended up getting a default “not found” type of page, that issue should now be corrected.

The Core Infrastructure and Security (AskPFEPlat) TechCommunity can be found at, and our blog content listing can now be found at (or if you like the super long URLs, Please by all means, join the techcommunity as a member. It isn’t necessary to become a member of the TechCommunity in order to view our content of course, but it does help out our internal team with potential future enhancements to the CIS TechCommunity.

NOTE: After June 20, 2019, any requests for AskPFEPlat content will be redirected to the root of the CIS TechCommunity blog site. You may have to update your bookmarks. Due to the amount of content we have, 1-to-1 redirection wasn’t feasible, and as such you may need to search for the blog content again. Content titles have not changed, nor have authors, so if you search either of those within the TechCommunity, you should find what you are looking for quickly!


Just to recap, in simple form, where we can be found:

Core Infrastructure and Security TechCommunity “main” page/home base-

Core Infrastructure and Security TechCommunity blog:


Since we are on the topic, I would also like to take this time for a shameless plug for a partner TechCommunity, the Premier Field Engineering TechCommunity (, which opened its doors at the beginning of May 2019. Here you can find excellent blog content on various technical topic areas, predominantly authored by Premier Field Engineers, along with information regarding our Premier offerings (workshops, health checks, etc). The PFE TechCommunity is also a culmination of many other blog teams, but is technology agnostic. If you haven’t found it already, please feel free to join the community and bookmark the PFE TechCommunity blog page as well!


To make things easier for you to explore the TechCommunity site in general, here are a couple of quick links for you:


TechCommunity main blog listings (right hand side):

TechCommunity listings:


Last but not least, I personally, and I think I can also speak for the entirety of the AskPFEPlat and Core Infrastructure and Security blog teams past and present, would like to sincerely thank all of our readers whom have supported us over the years! If I could thank each and every one of you personally, I would. On this topic, I would also like to thank the over 400 Premier Field Engineers, Consultants, Architects, Supportability Managers, Program Managers, and others that have been contributors to our blog team over the years! So, please continue checking in with us at our new home (, and we look forward to bringing you more quality content for many years to come from our new home!


As always, thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing you over in our new home!


-Brandon “Now that wasn’t nearly as long as normal” Wilson